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Okay guys,

I am here to test out your suggestions. I begin A&P I in Jan. I am looking to get a head start on the class. What should I start memeorizing first? Any helpful hints or tips to get me going would be GREATLY appreciated AS ALWAYS!!




Pam I Am

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If I were you, go to a bookstore and find one of the A & P coloring books. Seriously. There will be diagrams that, as you color them and label them, you will get a basic overview of terminology. If you have time now, that is what I would do. Don't be too worried about it. You will have opportunities to study what you need to know during the semesters as well.


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Grey's Anatomy has a coloring book that is available in most book stores. I know I've seen it at Borders and Barnes and Noble. It's good practice but don't make yourself nuts, a lot of A&P doesn't make sense until you see it in action and you need to remember it. Good Luck.


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In the Human Anatomy and Physiology MARIEB book there is a disc inside with Qs & As


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I believe in A & P 1 the first thing you begin to learn is all the body parts..and their names scientifically. If I remember correctly I believe Chemistry is included in the first couple of chapters. (It was in mine, anyway) Good luck to you! I loved A & P!!! It's a wonderful subject and will help you with nursing!:roll

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Mine started with Bones in Lab.. and the Body systems, anatomical terminology, Body Cavities and Linings. Basic Chemister and Bio Chemistry....

I find A & P I to be a little dry.... I have been told that A & P II is a lot more interesting...

Good Luck



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I wanted to say try memorizing the bones. they seems to be a big focus. Good luck!


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Hi Jenny,

Coloring books are a good idea and a big help.

If the Skeletol System is covered in A&PI I would start memorizing 'dem bones!

For my class we had to memorize every bone including all the bones of the skull. I started memorizing them before class started and I am glad I did because it was tough and a lot of people in my class got hung up in that section.

nursing 101

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Question? Did you guys have to study the different bumps on the bones and the openings ect...? Like Obturator foramen, sciatic notch ect? Let me know... That was the most annoying thing to me...


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I am in A&PI now and for my class, we only needed to know certain parts of the skull, and only some of the bones and muscles. For example, we're going to be tested on 30 muscles tomorrow, and that's it out of 200+. My opinion would be for you to get the book you'll be using as well as the cd's (we use Marieb) and start reading the first and second chapter. The first chapter is simple, but the 2nd has the chemistry, and if you aren't familiar with it, it could be tricky.

I just don't see the point in going too far through anything or really doing much memorizing, because without knowing what the instructor will want you may be wasting your time. Also, without understanding the anatomy behind the physiology, it'll just be memorization and you won't be *learning* it, if that makes sense. I dont' know how many professors stress that, but mine is a stickler for not memorizing things. This is just my opinion of course, different things work for different folks! : )


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Originally posted by nursing 101

Question? Did you guys have to study the different bumps on the bones and the openings ect...? Like Obturator foramen, sciatic notch ect? Let me know... That was the most annoying thing to me...

OH YES:uhoh3:


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Anatomy is memorizing there is nothing to understand. Physiology is another thing.

If you don't believe this ask any Doc. That is what they do in anatomy which the take before physiology.

Anatomy is structure, Physiology is function

Structure is just learning what the parts are ie names.

function is how it all fits and works together. Yes this is one class where you will have to do a fair amount of pure memorization. The physiology part you need to understand as you say. But you have to learns LOTS of names of things and that is just memorization.

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