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experience with Barton ?


Just wondering what others' experience has been using Barton for locums. I signed up with them a few months ago and was assigned to a recruiter who I can tell is brand new to the company.

This man has called me 4-5 days/week since then - even when he does not have positions to offer. This despite multiple requests - both on the phone and in writing - to please only contact me via email.

I feel like I'm dealing with a used car salesman. Is this a normal experience with recruiters? Should I contact Barton and request to work with someone else ?

orangepink, NP

Has 3 years experience.

They're annoying. Had a fight with one agent to stop calling me since I like my current job. A few weeks later he called me again.

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

They can be annoying but I'm sure they have quotas and data to support bugging the crap out of x number results in x number coming on board and bottom line is they are salespeople, we know they are salespeople. You opened that door and gave your contact information so at this point I'd suggest politely setting boundaries and if unsuccessful simply ignore any further unwanted calls, they will usually show up on caller ID, and will also stop if you continue ignoring them.

The important point I think we are missing here is whether or not this is a good ocums company to work with and while I have no first hand experience a colleague has worked with them for a couple of years, recommended them to me and has continued taking long term assignments from that agency.

That would drive me crazy. I am one of those who prefers emails/texts to phone calls.


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I've spoken to them but did not pursue any opportunities with them. The big "deal killer" for me was their use of a non-competition clause. The area I live in is too small for such non-sense. I'd never be able to find regular full-time work within a reasonable travel distance if I had taken a position with them.

BCgradnurse, MSN, RN, NP

Specializes in allergy and asthma, urgent care. Has 12 years experience.

I've found them to be extremely annoying. They kept trying to steer me away from positions I was interested in, to positions they were having difficulty filling. I decided not to go locums because of them and found my own permanent position.

I used them when I graduated last year but they never helped out really. I kept getting calls asking if i was interested in a position and whenever i said yes, i never heard from the agent again for some time and then would randomly get another call asking if i was interested in another position. I finally found a position fifty minutes away from home. I basically stopped answering the calls from them.

Thanks all - the original post was from me but I had lost my login credentials.

I have done a lot of boundary setting with this rep in no uncertain terms and he clearly isn't listening. Hasn't brought me any good offers either - similar to BCgrad, he seems to deliberately ignore my interests and push sub-optimal openings which I'm sure they have a hard time filling. I think my next step is to just block his number.

Anyone have a great experience with another locums company?

Check out this site. Travelingnp dot com

Neuro Guy NP, DNP, PhD, APRN

Specializes in Vascular Neurology and Neurocritical Care. Has 9 years experience.

If you read many court opinions, non compete clauses are generally not enforced by the courts for a number of reasons. I signed one and consulted with my family members who are judges and Lawyers etc and they say that there are criteria, but you stand a good chance even if you sign one. So don't let that frighten you


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I work with them now. Great recruiter. Great shifts. Good pay.