Exciting Night for this new Nursing student!!

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Yesterday evening my husband and I were driving into town to do some grocery shopping when we spotted what we thought was an animal lying in the road. As we approached, we saw a few people standing around, so we stopped. I then noticed that the 'animal' was really a 35ish year old male who was just involved in an ATV accident. Apparently he had flipped the darn thing on the wet pavement(no helmet on!!!!) Anyway when i got over to the group of people informed them that i was a nursing student and asked if anyone had called 911. Thankfully someone did and the ambulance was on its way. I then took the opportunity to ask the injured man a few questions. He was lying on his back and wanted to get up, but i told him not to move. I didn't touch him, but noticed that he was bleeding from his back. His forearms were blue. It also looked like he had a fractured shoulder. I asked if he could tell me his name and he did. Also, asked him what today was, but he wasn't quite clear on that.

He then asked his friend to get him a drink. He wanted pepsi!! I said, "No way, nothing to drink!". I didn't know the extent of his injuries and didn't want him moving or drinking anything.:uhoh21: He appeared to show signs of shock as well. He kept saying, "How bad is it, how bad is it?!!" I told him the paramedics were on the way, just held his hand and tried to be of some comfort. The Ambulance finally showed up, 20 minutes later!!! Anyway, the EMT's gave him oxygen and used a spine board of course, i helped them log roll the patient. The patients wife arrived on the scene and asked if he was going to be okay. I responded with, "The doctors will let you know as soon as they examine him." I gave her a hug and wished them well. Then continued on my drive with DH, full of adrenaline and feeling glad that i was there to help. Needless to say my knees were a little weak after all this.




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Sounds like you did all you could. Good job on keeping your cool.You sound like you will do great as a nurse.

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Good job! I'm sure he was comforted knowing you were there. :)


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Feels great doesn't it! LOL! Oh I remember my student nursing eyes going ablaze with anticipation and excite over seeing a few emergency situations! I was engaged at the time to a paramedic and volunteer fire fighter (married him :) ), and my now father in law was the chief of the fire department here in a very rural area of Oregon on the main drive to the coast...talk about lots of MVA's!!!! I saw so much as a student, and to this day see things more as a paramedic than a nurse when it comes to emergencies..and must add..gotten way to many complements from paramedics, ED docs, firefighters!

There is just something in you that when emergencies happen excite you, yet totally get your brain clicked into a calm clinical mode! It is awesome! I would much rather handle emergencies than anything else (but till they quell the old turn over rates at my local hospitals r/t ED...I will stay where I am...if they can't keep RN's...I am certainly not going to 'go there' LOL!). And most times out of any it is the emergencies where I have a moment to console patients and relatives that thrill me the most, and gives me a self worth so high I can't explain!

Remember this feeling, and perhaps write it down so you always remember this feeling of being helpful when someone needed you most! Also, I believe that things happen for a reason sometimes, and you being in that place, at that time...well..give you a warm fuzzy doesn't it! (also a reason I continue my ACLS for the just in cases you run into!).

Awesome job! Keep that spirit!!!!!!!!! (it has come in more than handy for me!).



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after going on an ambulance ride-along for my EMT class. First, I got to ride along with the paramedics; second, we went out on a full arrest; third, we saved him. I visited him in the hospital later (I worked at the hospital at the time.).

All because of the "high" from that save...



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Nice Job. Sounds like you will make a good nurse. As you go through nursing school and start to feel doubts or times when you wonder you can always remember this situation and then know that you CAN DO A GREAT JOB. I am sure both the man and his wife were greatful to know that someone was there for them.



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Congratulations on a job well done!! Kudos! I agree with the rest keep this memorable occasion right where you can grab it if you ever have self doubts about nursing school - who doesn't at times! best of luck in school.



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Thank you all for your kind words. It was funny when i returned home and noticed that the knees of my jeans were filthy from kneeling on the ground. I must have looked 'lovely' in the grocery store!



Sounds like you really enjoy your job girl! Keep up that enthusiastic attitude!!;)


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I love my emergency times, get bummed at the mundane parts...too bad most are very mundane..LOL! But I greet it with a smile, and a ton of funny phrases in my mind ;). I just hope my 'inner dialoge' stays inner! LOL!!!!!!!

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Thank you all for your kind words. It was funny when i returned home and noticed that the knees of my jeans were filthy from kneeling on the ground. I must have looked 'lovely' in the grocery store!

I stopped at an MVA while on vacation, got blood all over my pants from the knees down. My daughter said "you aren't getting in the car like that are you?" I said thy're not DRIPPING! but she still looked green. So I changed my pants standing on the central median of I95 outside of Salt Lake City. Ah, those vacation memories.

You did eveything right, from getting a name in case he passed out before EMS got there, to not letting him move and keeping him from drinking. Good job. Take TNCC when you get a chance!


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Great Job Nurse 2007, that man was very fortunate to have you there. You will be an excellent nurse. Its situations like that when one is thankful for being a nurse and knowing what to do. Again, Great Job!

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