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I've been an LPN for 2 years now and also work agency with General Healthcare Resources. I want to get my RN but my husband is in school also for his RN :bugeyes: so I have little choice but to do... Read More

  1. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from rita052607
    Lunah, Im assuming you attended Excelsior. What did you think about the program? How long did it take you? How was the cpne?
    I did. It was great. It took me one year, one month, and one day. The CPNE was tough but do-able.
  2. by   thalia1
    I am a lpn registered with excelsior but having second thoughts. Planning to enroll before July to pay the $975. But i am confused already, i have no pre-req because i attended a vocational school. I just want someone to direct me in the right direction, i work full-time and this is the only way i cannot pursue my RN in a classroom is not a option. I welcome positive help from anyone. Planning to do everything with excelsior. Its now or never for me. Thanks please help.
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  3. by   2brn09
    Have you looked into ISU LPN-BSN program. Its online and clinicals around your schedule.
  4. by   thalia1
    Hi already registered but not enrolled, was planning to do all my general req with excelsior but i learned that i could Clep most of my genetral requirements except A&P and MIcro. I do need alot of advice because i have no pre-req and and i puting this off for 2 years. Also is it best to enroll now. the fee will be more after June 28. I need someone who already in the program who can guide me along. NERVOUS> I work full time and i want to do this. Thanks for all the HELP i can get.

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