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  1. Ok, just got an update from a friend of mine who has been in contact with the CABRN. They have confirmed that Excelsior graduates who graduated after the cut off date can not only NOT apply for initial licensure, nor can they even apply for endorsement. They are flat out denying everybody because of the lack of clinical experience concurrent with theory. Even if you have worked as a RN in another state with sufficient experience, they wont even look at the application. But they will surely take your money just to deny you. For those of you who are lucky enough to live in a state that accepts the education, count your blessings as you are truely blessed to have Excelsior as an option. Unfortunately not all of us are lucky. Good Luck to all!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    So this is what "on a case by case basis" means.
  4. by   rshenry
    Yep this is true! I am VERY anger about this! California BRN is just awful. I contacted them and asked what additional clinical could I do to satisfy them. Keep in mind that I am currently employed and working in acute care as an RN. I was told to complete an approved ADN program. Wow! I can't believe this!
  5. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Hahahahaha uhhhh you already have completed an approved & ACCREDITED ADN program. That's pure bull poopies because they allow international graduates to complete their clinical rotation that they are lacking in. Why is Excelsior totally banned. CA needs to get with the program and treat all schools equal.
  6. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    What state did you gain licensure through as an Excelsior graduate????
  7. by   rshenry
    I am licensed in Nevada! Well here is the irony! I work in California for a federal facility as an RN, but walk across the street and CAN"T work at different hospital. But California sure likes my income taxes!
  8. by   rshenry
    Need I mentioned that I also passed the NCLEX on the first try with 75 questions!
  9. by   txspadequeenRN
    ca has a real issue with nursing education especially since one does not have to attend a approved school of vocational nursing to become a lvn...given the right cna experience and a pharm course....then they refuse a fully accreditation program because of lack of clinical time....whhooo hoooo the injustice

    Quote from nursecubanitarn2b
    hahahahaha uhhhh you already have completed an approved & accredited adn program. that's pure bull poopies because they allow international graduates to complete their clinical rotation that they are lacking in. why is excelsior totally banned. ca needs to get with the program and treat all schools equal.
  10. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Change your address to a Nevada and claim as your home so CA WON'T take your income taxes.

    The BRN claimed that Excelsior doesn't follow. CA Nursing Practice Act 1426 but yet it was brought to their attention that there are foreign schools that don't meet CA Nursing Practice Act 1425 and yet those graduates from those schools are allowed to sit for NCLEX-RN. The BRN has yet to answer the million dollar question as to how come those graduates can sit for NCLEX-RN And Excelsior graduates don't even have any endorsement priviledges.
  11. by   Nurse_AngelaNV2CA
    I called the CA BRN the other day and they seemed irritated that I even called them. I was told that I wont be able to endorse my Nevada license into CA as an Excelsior graduate because my school is not CA approved. I asked them how many of their schools are NLNAC approved. They got even more irritated but I did not care.
  12. by   rshenry
    Yes they shut me down straight away. I am willing to do additional training or clinical if they would like. But they said no, you will need to repeat your ADN program I thought I was being reasonable. I guess I will start writing letters to the elected officials in California. Yikes!
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  13. by   Nurse_AngelaNV2CA
    I forgot to mention that I told them in my email that I had called they actually had the nerve to tell me NOT to call because they need to keep the lines available for more important issues. I guess that is why they did not answer. Wow, how nice and rude they are.
  14. by   Nurse_AngelaNV2CA
    I am so sorry you have to even stress over this. Your situation is worse than mine. You actually got through the phone lines? I did not even get an answer so I had to email them. They seemed to have no compassion for people in our situation. Can I ask you how are you going to be able to complete a CA approved ADN program when you already have an ADN? They will not accept you.