Easiest ADN exam to take?

  1. Hey everyone! I just started studying to get my RN. I've been a LPN in NY (Long Island) for 3 years and figured it was time before I got any older. The online route is best for me due to schedule restrictions and finances.

    Where should I begin? Which was the easiest to pass? I have all of the required textbooks as well as some Lisa Arends/Study 101 cds that I got from eBay. Unfortunately, I do need A&P and Micro.

    Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks all

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  3. by   ssalulu
    Health safety was the easiest to me.
  4. by   Medic625
    You should begin with a&p and micro. I thought LS 1 was the easiest.
  5. by   natnat122
    I 2nd medic625. Did you get all those books @ a discounted price?
  6. by   shunnyk
    From my understanding as of Oct 2012 you have to take your micro and a&p before you are allowed to take any of the nursing theory exams. I think with the exception I the transition to RN exam. I need to retake micro and it will not even allow me to register for any nursing exams until I take and pass the micro exam. You may want to check on that with an advisor.
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    Take Micro, A&P, and then Transitions. Then enroll ... once you enroll, you start the clock ticking toward your student services annual fee (SSAF), which is $400-something per year. The longer you can delay enrolling, the more likely you won't have to pay that fee, or pay it more than once, if you're focused and diligent!

    I wrote an article that you might find helpful: https://allnurses.com/excelsior-coll...ce-808335.html
  8. by   mochasouter
    Health and safety was the easiest to me!!! I have to step backwards and do a/p and micro. I am starting with micro....I was ready to take repro and got an email saying I can't take it and I am hoping I can get micro and a/p done in less than two months....that way I can pick back up where I left off!! You can do it. Just set goals and stick to them.
  9. by   NsgStudents
    I agree with the other post. Here is my thoughts:

    Health & Safety was pretty easy because it was a lot of the fundamentals of nursing.
    Then Repro - the content guide gives way more information than needed for the actual exam so it made the exam a breeze (if you follow the content guide given by EC - which is highly recommended)
    Then LS2 - I was very strong in Endocrine so I didn't find it difficult.

    The hardest exam for me was Chronicity (I felt like there was a lot going on in that exam).

    Once you do become a student there is a lot of great advice on EC discussion board on how to use the content guide (EC's study outline), there is an EC student named Lydia Canty that gave examples of her notes and explains the content guide really well. I found it very helpful.

    Good luck
  10. by   prettyplay24
    what exam did you decide to start with???? im starting with transition i test in about 3 wks