1. I know this is too soon but I've warned everyone......

    Do I really need to purchase all 4 recommended book from the study guide or can I use my own "Fundamentals of Nursing" books? Also, on average how long should on study for each test? 8 weeks? 90 days?? LOL Thanks.
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  3. by   matynurse
    I'm only using Studygroup101 and the practice tests through Excelsior. I have a friends study guides from Chancellor's but haven't used them yet. I've read my people say they get books off Amazon or ebay. I've only taken Health Safety and Transition to the Professional Role so far but got As . Study time depends totally on how much you can devote to it. I didn't study for too many days (6 and then 9) but spent all my free time studying then. I'm banking on the rest being harder. Good luck!!
  4. by   t-lo
    This is just my opinion and it may not apply to everyone... With that being said.....
    If you buy a USED Fundamentals of Nursing text it can be an Edition or 2 back
    You can save alot of money by doing it this way
    On the flip side of this... Only using other students notes or STG101 ect, without getting a Fundamentals of Nursing Text is really cheeting yourself.
    I have students asking me all the time how am I going to know how to do procedures for CPNE (TM)?

    The Key to this is students are supposed to learn the basics for procedures as you do your Nursing courses. Just as any other Nursing student (Traditional or Distance student) would be doing. STG 101 notes may get you through most if not all the exams, but are those notes preparing you to just pass exams or do they also prepare you to be a Nurse?
    When and if we become GN's we are supposed to be as knowledgeable as any other GN of any other program. We may not have done all the skills we should know about....but we should have a clue what each of the skills/procedures are.
    No student Nurse of any program does every skill they learn about while they are in a Nursing Program
    Please do yourself and your future patients a favor and get a Fundamentals of Nursing Text to assit you to become the best Nurses you can be.
    Good Luck to all studying for exams
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from t-lo
    Please do yourself and your future patients a favor and get a Fundamentals of Nursing Text to assit you to become the best Nurses you can be.
    Well said, I agree 1000%. As distance learning students, I feel we have a responsibility to hold ourselves to a higher standard. But that's just me.
  6. by   Mimi2BNP
    OK well I have 2 Fundamental of Nursing books. I just wasn't sure I could use them since they were not the exact one specified in the study guide. Thanks everyone.
  7. by   KassieLPN2RN
    I was told by Kay at SG101 that I should always have a fundamentals and med surg book and a diagnosis book handy and should update them every couple of years for the rest of my nursing life. I thought that was a good idea, cause you'll always have a place to go and look for procedures or whatnot. But for now, doing the program my book are one edition back then after I graduate and get working I can replace them with newer ones.
  8. by   LoopsRN2
    There are a variety of opinions on this topic. A friend of mine made it through the program (with fabulous grades!) with I believe just Saunders, sg101 and the practice exams, but I believe she said she has a photographic memory and was currently working in an acute/intensive care setting as an lpn. I would have never made it through this way myself, I needed all the books, all the content, took my own notes in mind mapping format, and finished up with Saunder's and my practice exams were all done at the end of my studying. Beware if anyone tells you, "you absolutely do NOT need the books" because you may need them indeed, the LS series is tough and I have seen many on here on allnurses get stuck on those exams and lose time. Get a good, solid study program down now so you have your system by the time you get there. As mentioned, you can find fantastic deals on the web. I got most of my books, usually 1 or 2 editions older and still followed the content guide at Barnes&Noble - Books, Textbooks, eBooks, Toys, Games, DVDs and More . Most of my books were $5-10.00, a cheap price for exam security Good luck with the rest of your program! So worth it in the end!!!
  9. by   Nervous1
    I bought a Fundamentals book & Peds book (1 edition back) and MS Test (1 edition back which was like $20) and the Saunders. I have the Psych text took but did not use it. I never opened the Peds or Fundamentals books. I mainly used SG101, SAUNDERS mainly and practice exams along with Flashcardxchange. The saunders was the most important book and most valuable book I purchased as far as reviewing material. Don't use the questions in the saunders as a guide for how well you know the material though, they are way too easy.
  10. by   Mimi2BNP
    Ok, Saunders?? Are you all talking about the Saunders RN NCLEX book? I also have some old ATI books? Would they help? I'm going to look now at the books and search via the web to see if I can purchase them today. Thanks soooooooo much guys, I really appreciate it. I'm just a little overwhelmed at this point trying to get started.
  11. by   Nervous1
    Saunders Comprehensive Review for RN, yellow cover
  12. by   Mimi2BNP
    Ok, so I already have the Saunders book. And I have the "Fundamentals of Nursing Concept" by Kozier & Erb 8th Edition. Do I have to purchase a more "up to date" FON book?? Please let me know. Thanks. And again, sorry for all the questions.