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Everyone in my graduating class is passing nclex!

You have got to get HURST REVIEW!! I passed my NCLEX 2 weeks ago! I did the online version and listened to it over and over again! And guess what...the questions came easy to me! All this crap about doing tons of NCLEX questions..BOGUS! If you dont know your core-content, how is doing thousands of NCLEX questions going to help you?! You either know the S&S of hypothroidism or you dont! My advice... do the online HURST REVIEW! I recorded on my voice recorder and took it EVERYWHERE!!! It comes with its own nclex questions, helpful resourse pages (like pages on isolation precations, drug calculation practice, and test taking strategies!) I cannot stress this enough! Everyone in my Graduating class is passing this thing and weve all done HURST REVIEW!!!!!!!!

Thanks for another positive endorsement of Hurst Review. Am sure that people will find this helpful. And congratulations again!

wow, do you work for Hurst ....THIS IS LIKE A COMMERCIAL .Thanks for the advice anyway

congrats!!!!!!!!! can you give me some more advice bcos i havent started to prepare for nclex as i didnt get the authorisation yet, but i guess i shd start to prepare well to pass the exam, can u guide me.....and still i have the confusion wether the exam questions varies from state to state bcos i heard people saying that peopple who take nclex in california pass the exam easily than other states......is it true?

Thank You for the advice, Laylani! We will be graduating in May, and we had representatives from Kaplan come to our school. A lot of us signed up for Kaplan, but later heard how great Hurst is. This confirms it to me! Congratulations to you! I hope I have good luck too, when my turn comes. I will definitely give Hurst a try! They are to come to our school next week! I will be there with bells on! :)

I had purchased hurst review but after 2-3 days of use, I started to fall asleep. It's too long and boring!! I focused on practicing questions only for 2 months and passed!!


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