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I have worked the night shift for many years and have always received vacation pay at my base rate (no shift differential). Does anyone work at a hospital where the night or evening staff's vacation pay includes your usual shift differential?

Thank you.


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I have worked at two other hospital, neither of which paid vacation, sick time with shift diff. :o But the hospital I currently work at does pay with shift diff.:)


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Nope, we got vaca and sick pay at base rate too.

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Not here either.. Sure wish they did. It can surely hurt the pocketbook when you take that vacation less 10-20%. I also usually get house supervisor pay (hardly anything, but still...) and that is also not a part of vacation/sick/ holiday pay. Perhaps someday someone will realize that many people work these shifts for the extra money and are dependent on said money.


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Nope..all base pay here. Bummer, eh?


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I'm in Canada, working in a unionized nursing home, so it may be different than in the States.

According to our collective agreement, we get 2% of our gross wages for each week of vacation we are entitled to. For example, I have 5 weeks vacation each year, so on each pay, I accumulate 10% of my earnings, before deductions, for vacation.

Technically, I guess I do receive shift differential in that, as I work straight night shift.


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We get our diff but realize that nocs is only $1.50 (BFD) and we get no weekend diff.

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