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I am writing an Ethics paper for my class. I am pursuing an MSN in the perinatal educator track. I am supposed to interview an educator (either collge or staff development) and identify an ethical dilemma which they have faced. Do any of you folks have such a situation you would be willing to share? I would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance.


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I've encountered an ethical dillema 2 yrs ago...a neighbor was requesting a medicine (action is to induce abortion).

:uhoh3::angryfire:uhoh3:..she said she's exp. delayed period and afraid of having another child..(#of children is 5)..they also exp. financial crisis that's why she insisted of that certain a nurse, it is an obligation to promote family planning,safe pregnancy, health teachings but not to kill lives.painful also that ur profession will be used in wrong decisions.tsk..tsk.....even if she keeps on asking me that time, I refused.she got angry with me, its ok then instead of killing a precious life...

do you require a dilemma related to staff development or education or can it just be nursing related?

When I had a similar task in grad school I wrote about an elderly patient in the ortho unit whose family did not want him to take pain meds because they made him drowsy and he could not complete PT/OT goals and go home. Basically, they wanted him to go home. He agreed with them, then would ask for medication. However, the family was not the patient. Also, he could cooperate better with PT/OT if not in so much pain. You can address all sorts of ethical issues with this scenario.


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Hi. Thanks for your replies. It is supposed to be education/ staff development related. I work in ob now and am in school for the perinatal educator track. I have a lot of ethical scenarios from my own practice of bedside nursing, but it is supposed to be something r/t my role after I complete my grad degree. My unit educator gave me a scenario r/t issues surrounding a nurse diverting meds from many years ago who she was involved with. It isn't really education related, but it is a small hospital and she was given the job of working with this person in the imopared nurses program through the state BON.

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I think the OP would be very appreciative if the topic stayed on ethical dilemmas r/t education/ staff development.

So, please try and keep the information on topic.

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Hi I have to write a research paper on the "accelerated nursing programs" AKA "second degree nursing" I must

Identify and explain one ethical principle related to this subject in my paper. Can someone help me decide what kind of ethical issue applies to this topic

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