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ER Nurse Advice Needed

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How can I get an ER job out of nursing school I know you can get a foot in the door by becoming an ER Tech but the ER Techs are EMT's as a CNA ive heard that they don't hire CNA's in the ER. Are there any other ways to get into the ER straight out of school? Or how can I get ER experience right now so that I'm prepared for the ER so that when (or if) I get hired in the ER I'm prepared for it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!




BSNbeDONE specializes in Med/Surg, LTACH, LTC, Home Health.

Rule #1. Don't believe all that you hear. While there are EMTs employed as ER techs at my hospital, not all of them are. You simply apply for the position. If hired, you will be put through an orientation the same as you would on any other unit.

I don't know where you are in your program, but if you've not yet learned the basics of checking vital signs and other simple tasks of the position, your chances of being selected would probably be slim to none. Are you a CNA? If you are, your chances are better at being employed as an ER tech.

You'll find that, in some hospitals, the terms/titles CNA and tech tend to be interchangeable; whereas other hospitals will only employ nurse's aides who are certified....but may still call then Patient Care Techs, Patient Care Aides, or CNAs.

This will vary based on your facility.

Lev specializes in Emergency - CEN.

Many of the new ER grads we hired were techs in our ER or had a senior practicum in our ER.

GCom24 specializes in Medical-Surgical, Emergency.

Not sure where you are geographically, or in your program, but, in my state, we hire ED Techs that either A) Are a CNA, B) Are a EMT, or C) Have completed one year of nursing school. Option C is how I got to spend weekends during my second year of nursing school working as a tech in the ED. Great experience! So I would give it a shot.

Another option if the ED where you are utilizes them, is to look into being a scribe. I've never done it, nor do we use them at my ED, but it seems like that could be -very- educational.

NurseOnAMotorcycle specializes in Med-Surg, Emergency, CEN.

Seriously, just apply. The worst they can say is "not until you have more experience".

Just do it.

NurseHeart&Soul specializes in ED, Critical care, & Education.

Be proactive with your learning. Learn, learn, learn. Get as many certifications as possible. For example, ACLS, PALS, ENPC, TNCC, NIHSS. These are certifications that may be required and if the employer doesn't have to pay for them upon hire...bonus for them!

Join your local chapter of the Emergency Nurses Association. Go to the meetings and get to know some of the key players in your area. Being involved, showing your enthusiasm for emergency nursing, and demonstrating your desire to learn all you can goes a long way. These meetings often have nurses from many different facilities thus a great way to network, network, network. You are now closer to the decision makers than you would be otherwise.

Do as much clinical time as you can in the ED where you hope to some day work. The more you can show your desire to learn, be the best you can be, and fit in with the team, the better chance you will have to land that dream job. Good luck!


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