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help my back!!!!!! :o

hello i'm a mom of four children just recently had my fourth baby.

she will be five months old on tomorrow. my question is how long exactly is the pain suppossed to be in my back from having an epidural? i had an epidural with my first but that was 10 years ago and i can't remember. my other two children were born naturally=no meds:eek: . grant it it's not everyday that i have pain, but i know it's there, right where the epidural was administered. any comments or suggestions would be great:d .

many thanks momof2bys2grls


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Seems to me that my back ached a few weeks on and off after my spinal. I don't know any steadfast rule as to when it ends but I suspect those of us sensitive to bruising will feel the "ache" longer than others. If you experience numbness or severe sharp pain, see your doctor right away. Otherwise, patience will win out, likely. It's not hard to bruise some ligaments when an epidural is placed, especially if your vertebrae are close together and it's difficult to get in. You might want to pose this question in the CRNA board to bet a better answer than I am giving you. Good luck now! and congratulations to you!

I've been told that you can feel the pain up to one year after the administration of the epidural.

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I had epidurals with all three of mine, three in four years. After the last one I had pain that mimiced sciatica but it started high up near the epidural site. As I recall, being it was nearly 20 years ago, it lasted nearly 18 months. Went away and hasn't occurred since. OB attributed it to possible minor nerve irritation/damage/something like that.


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Thank you so much for your replies KaroSnowQueen,Tessrn2b and Smilinblueyes. It's seems as though this is the most similiar to what I remember what you described SmilingBluEyes it's such a long time to wait. Thanks Again Everyone


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well it is one of those things that is different for everyone. hopefullly you will feel better soon. my wife still has pain from hers occasionally and it has been 20 yrs since. she has been to docs to check it out but no one has been able to do anything with it:( but at least it is not constant any more and not that bad when it does act up.


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since I had my epidural, three tries + , and still some soreness. I've been taking vitamin B12 which was suggested a doctor from McMaster University.

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epidural site, which i had with my C-section, was sore for at least 2 weeks. My friend's back ached for a year and then it went away. With my last delivery i only had the epidural for about 2 hours, I don't know if this has any reflection, but my back was sore only for the dirst 2-3 hours after delivery.

I hope u will feel better soon! Congrats on your big family.


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Thanks Anagray and Sandstormsdust I'll definitely take the b12 vitamins that sounds like it would help. Thanks to all.



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After i have had my kids it has always hurted for months, some days i still feel it, my last child born 13 montsh ago. I had C-sec. It takes on a average 45 minutes - 1 hour to get the needle in my back, so actually i think i am sore from all the attempts that are made, so say i have a very muscular back, and believe me they have a challenge to get it in. I always wonder if i could manage and Epidural while i am in labor probably not. But i think the pain is normal for some of us:)

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