any nurse entrepreneurs outside of nursing?

  1. I just read a really great article about a former nurse who started a hair care product and now sold in target. Any nurses who have businesses outside of nursing niches? I did read some posts on here that a few nurses in real estate.
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  3. by   passionflower
    I have a company that works with young woman on developing life skills and careers based on talent. I am working on developing a media company and one project I am looking at focuses on nursing beyond the bedside.
  4. by   E-commerce
    Hi passionflower that's really good. What made you want to branch outside of bedside? Is this a side business and you work as a RN? Is this an online business?
  5. by   passionflower
    It is a side business that I hope to turn into more of a full time one. If I am being honest, nursing was never a passion for me. I needed a secure job with good pay. Since I always have had empathy and care for people I enjoyed that aspect, but it wasn't my "calling". I spent many years looking for something and that is probably why I have this program which encourages participants to pursue the desires of their hearts. Not all of them turn into a career but I am interested in feeding their souls. The program is building slowly but I hope to have it fully up and running online within the year.
    In my "other" life I am a labor nurse and in school for my MSN because I plan to teach community programs and somehow incorporate all of my programs into one business.
  6. by   E-commerce
    Thanks nice to know. Nursing was not a passion of mines as well even though I love teaching. However I see so many avenues and ventures how nursing can be outside bedside. I am still in school so that is my priority first to finish

    I wish you the best on your media company it sounds pretty good and online businesses are great because you can be anywhere in the world and take care of your business.
  7. by   passionflower
    Thank you and same to you. Hope you find your passion, I know that sounds like an overused term but it really is important. Nice chatting with you.
  8. by   E-commerce
    Thank you passionflower. I truly appreciate talking with you too.
  9. by   TheSocialMediaCoach
    Yes! I am a Social Media Consultant. The possibilities really are endless. I am unsure if I can drop a link here, but there is an article from Rasmussen College called real-work-from-home-nursing-jobs, great ideas there. Also, there is a National Nurses in Business Association, I am a member there.... Let me know what you think!
  10. by   TheSocialMediaCoach
    @Passionflower. Nursing beyond the bedside, nice! We are losing SO many nurses who think that there is not an alternative to the Traditional much training that can be used in SO many ways. Feel free to send me more information on your project.
  11. by   RPH_RN
    I'm a Career Coach for Nurses dissatisfied with their jobs & careers. I help you identify new opportunities and a path to a more fulfilling life! There are so many jobs that utilize nursing skills.
  12. by   zero.

    I'm a dialysis nurse by profession, but in the past couple of years I have founded and invested in a number of business ventures outside our profession, namely a t-shirt company, a travel agency, a motor engine distributorship, and a micro-finance company. It's a bit challenging juggling those with my bread and butter of being a dialysis nurse, but eventually you'll get the hang of it. It's fun being what they call a "serial entrepreneur!"
  13. by   TheSocialMediaCoach
    zero., BSN I am meeting SO many Nurse Founders these days. Can you PM me links to your Businesses?
  14. by   fullefect1
    Kinda... I'm a co-founder, but now more of an advisor, to an On-Demand staffing App/platform for non-medical home-care and Nursing facilities. More business development, streamlining, and coding than actually utilizing my clinical skills.

    Anyhow, I'm taking my digital marketing experience in bringing it back to the clinical side as I obtain experience as an NP and open up some sort of multi-location practice.