Enjoy your three-day weekend !

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this week have been so busy for me... in one hour and 13 minutes i'll be off to enjoy my three-day weekend. sat. sun. and memorial day. hope you all have fun and get lots of rest.



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I don't know how much rest I'll be getting. Got another A&P 2 exam on Tuesday..but I'll try to squeeze some fun in ;-)

Have a great weekend as well!!

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I have 4 minutes until I can leave work with a clear conscience. :D I'll be spending my weekend cleaning house. I hope to throw a lot of things away as part of a major renovation project that is now underway.

Wish me luck!

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Thanks for the good wishes.

I'll be studyin my a** off getting set for advanced patho :uhoh3: and leadership clinical in MICU (200 H in the next 2 1/2 months). :mad:This is my last semester in BSN program :smokin: looking forward to August then hopefully starting work in the MICU/SICU in September:yeah:. I would have a more relaxed weekend if I had the job offer in hand :confused: but the HR dept is swamped and the dept director basically told me I was hired, still.

The wife has off Sun and Mon which is lucky since she just started in a mental health facility (MHS). She is an awesome cook so I am looking forward to the meals and nobody is better to sit on the couch and veg to a movie with. Heck with two whole days we might even get too...:coollook:

Hope everyone has a great time off and thanks to those "holdin down the fort" for us...:bow:

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Hubby and son went away for the weekend so it's just me and daughter. Lots of sappy movies and shopping are in my future!:yeah:

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thanks nursingstudent19 ! i hope you have a wonderful l-o-n-g weekend ! hey, only a few days left now ! :yeah:

xoxoxo praiser :heartbeat

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