ENG 102 or Human Growth Development (Psyc)??

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While this may sound silly, I am already attempting to make out a prospective schedule for the next few semesters. During the winter, I would like to take one of the two classes above, but since it is such a SHORT time frame, I was hoping that you would help out a little :)

For those that have taken both, in your own opinion, which one may be a little "easier" to deal with during a 4 or so week semester? I don't want to miss a semester at all, so I really am hoping that I can handle one of these!

Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day!



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I don't know where you leave but I was living in AA county when I took Human growth last winter with K. Crawley-Buckholtz and it last only 2 weeks. It wasn't that bad and I got good grade from her. IMO, it's depends on the teacher.


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Some things to consider.

Are these classes online?

The 102 will be very time intensive, but not overly difficult. If you have more free time, than background in Human Development, go for the 102.

However, if you feel that you are relatively familiar with human development, go the HDev route because those will most likely be more multiple choice tests; as opposed to paper writing. It may require a fair amount of memorization though, so if it is brand new to you and/or you have no background in it; you may find it overwhelming in such a short semester.

My two cents!


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I think Human Development was much easier that English 102! I am not into writing papers...

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Human Growth & Dev. is a lot to cram into a minimester.. I took it last summer & that was 8 weeks & that was a lot to process! I think that its best to take that course in a full semester..anyways I think Eng. 102 would be the class to take. best of luck :)


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I am taking Human Growth & Dev as we speak. It is a 5 week course and it is a LOT to read. Its not that is so hard but like I said a LOT to take in especially since we have to read the entire textbook, write a research paper and have a test every week! Haven't taken 102 since way back in 98' so can't remember what that was about lol

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Well I took engl. 112 @ AACC last Spring. From what I can remember it was mainly reading & writing papers on the material we read. I think we read Oedipus, A Midsummer's Night Dream, A Doll House & a novel that I can't remember the name of lol. And we had to write a research paper on anything we wanted to. Our final consisted of writing 3 essays on our final story we read (A Doll House)..all in all not too hard. Way easier to accomplish in a minimester imo


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I personally prefer human growth and develop it was so much easier to me than english. I'm not the biggest fan of egl either. HTH


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Both are relatively easy classes. Now if it were Engl/Psych with A&PI/II - that would be a different ball game.

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