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  1. Top Five Nursing Schools Ranked

    The methodology College Atlas used: To me, this "ranking" means little. People like rankings, it sells magazine and increases view counts on their websites. It doesn't take the most discerning...
  2. Why do nurses love for profit schools?

    A lot of people's ego's get bruised, but as others have already commented, it comes down to convenience and low standards of admission. People will start throwing in subjective anecdotes of how X practitioner who went to (insert for profit school) is...
  3. UPenn Direct Entry BSN/MSN 2014

    Thx, this must only be for the accelerated bsn/msn applicants.
  4. UPenn Direct Entry BSN/MSN 2014

    What do you guys use to check the status of your application/admission decisions? Is it this?
  5. UPenn Direct Entry BSN/MSN 2014

    Is anyone already a nurse/have their BSN and applying to the MSN program? It seems like there are many who are doing the accelerated bsn/direct entry MSN program but not many who are applying to the various MSN programs.
  6. UPenn MSN Applicant Thread

    So I saw that there was a thread for the BSN/MSN direct entry students and wanted to start one for those applying to the MSN portion. Anyone else out there?
  7. What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    I just want to thank everyone for their participation. This really does help professionals make sure that their compensation is fair and in line with the market in their area. Ignorance of this information is used so much in my region by hospitals ...
  8. Question for PMHNPs

    Big part of working in any helping profession and especially in mental health, is working with your own emotions. To be a great practitioner (whether it is as a pmhnp, psychiatrist, Clinical PhD Psychologist, LCSW, etc etc...) you need to know thyse...
  9. Equal pay for equal work?

    I think it all depends on what you want from your life, ei family, whether you're mobile, finances, etc. In terms of finances - it depends on what specialty you want to go to. If you want to do primary care - MDs don't make enough for it would be wo...
  10. On line DNP

    I'm sure there are plenty of Online DNP programs that would love to take your tuition payments. The question is - what is your end goal. They have DNPs for administration as well as for Clinical Practice. Where will you be practicing? If its in C...
  11. Best schools for DNP-psychiatry?

    Honestly, I don't think there is a great way to determine which programs are great. If you use USNews report's ranking, you'll see that the methodology they use is very...qualitative. Furthermore its an evaluation of the CNS program from 2011 data ...
  12. Credibility of Walden University

    That's my point ...there is no national set standard for NPs for licensure or education for that matter. Some NP programs have 45 credits and 500 hr clinical req, some have double that. Yes, I know that residency disciplines are consistent across ...
  13. Credibility of Walden University

    Its not a matter of a program's actual quality. I'm sure there are great quality all online programs from non-profit schools. Its a matter of perception of quality by decision makers. Whats very important in terms of jobs and professional respect ...
  14. Credibility of Walden University

    I would never hire an np who received her/his degree from either "University".
  15. PHMNP programs going to DNP!?

    My local state university is doing the same - no more MSN prepared NPs anymore. DNP is the only option. Honestly, this is making me consider medschool, but we'll see what the final costs are.