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  1. Theres a very interesting Reddit thread going about this exact topic. Nursing - The Profession I love, is being Fucked by For-Profit/Diploma Mill Universities and our Professional Organizations : nursing
  2. It seems from my observations that the nurses in many of the big hospitals/employers in our area are non-unionized. I talked to one of my clinical instructors about this and she said that as soon as theres some talk of union organizers coming around to see if they can get a vote going or organize in any way, management gets into super defensive mode and discourages the nurses from interacting w/them. Other than this being against labor laws, why do have we allowed this to happen? Just curious as to see what the atmosphere is in terms of labor in our area these days. I can't help but notice that working conditions, wages and benefits are taking a generally downward trajectory when nurses are the backbone of healthcare.
  3. Agrippa

    Student Nurse Externship vs. Student Nurse Residency?

    I did the SNR and am currently in the clin scholar program for my practicum. It has been fantastic thus far. I learned more during the SNR than I did all throughout nursing school. I don't know if that reflects well on the program or badly on my nursing school . So yes, I like it. I will be working on the unit of my choice. 18 months is nothing - it will take me at least that much to feel totally competent in critical care anyway. If you're interested in trauma and critical care, theres no other place in the region where you will experience what you can at UMMS. Perhaps at Hopkins.
  4. Agrippa

    just finished week #1 of being an ICU nurse

    Thanks for posting your experience. I'm in my final semester of nursing school as a second career changer and am doing my practicum on a large university based ICU where we get very sick patients. This is also where I will be working after I graduate so my practicum is also my orientation (although I will also get an orientation when i graduate, albeit abbreviated). The most difficult part for me is that at times I feel totally overwhelmed and wonder if feeling this way is normal and if I am capable of being able to be on my own, doing a code and basically not killing people when I am on my own after orientation. I know that being a critical care nurse is probably one of the hardest most stressful jobs ever...but I tend to be hard on myself and have high expectations. Reading experiences like yours and others on here though helps very much with my own anxiety and learning. Thank you.
  5. Agrippa

    UMD SON CNL: Current / Former Students

    You found the magnitude of the information to be too much but then you're hoping that the cnl program will be more manageable? If you do get accepted, I imagine it will be tougher. Im in the bsn, but i know many in the cnl. I considered it myself, but for reason that are not pertinent here, I decided against it. Just know that in the cnl program you need at least a B in all the classes to pass. There is a lot of research, writing and critical thinking required. I know more than a handful that have been held back a semester d/c them not getting a B in patho, adult health, etc. Why dont u just switch to the traditional program at hcc?
  6. Agrippa

    Need application help - UMB's BSN nursing

    what was ur gpa for your science courses. Those are by far much more important. Admission is definitely very important. I had a 4.0 in all my pre-reqs and 99th % in my NET exam (do they use teas now?).
  7. Agrippa

    Is ANYONE hiring new grads?? ugh

    I would take the st joe job.
  8. Agrippa

    RN to BSN at University of Phoenix?

    Short answer - depends on what your prospective employers think about it.
  9. Its fun trying to figure out who's who as the semester goes by. I've already been able to identify 2 allnurses students last semester (they dont know it yet). I'm pretty good about preserving my anonymity though. :chair:
  10. Agrippa

    Nursing JOB shortage in Maryland!

    Just general advice - try networking with your colleagues. From your 15 yrs of experience, you must have tones of ex-coworkers all around the area. Most jobs are gotten by word of mouth. G-luck.
  11. Ps, for the new students starting this semester - if you want some textbooks, I still have a few from last semester. Just shoot me a pm and we can work something out.
  12. I found my pathopharm book to be useful especially Lehne. I'm not the type of learner that can just memorize bits of info. I need to know why such and such drug works the way it does or how the endocrine cycle works, in more than just the power point talking points. I also got an A in the class. But I also know people who got an A w/out the book. To each his/her own.
  13. Agrippa

    RN to BSN at University of Phoenix?

    Anyway, for you and others thinking about schools like U of Phoenix (which coincidentally also sponsors this site) - put in the research. It seems to me that theres more than enough first hand accounts available through a simple internet search, for you to be wary. I think the best way to go about it however is to see how organizations, hospitals, recruiters in your area feel about a degree from that particular school. In the end, its their decision that is most important. I know that in my area there are many reputable established universities and community colleges where it would be tough to be competitive with a degree from U of Phoenix. It might not be as important if you already have a degree/ADN from an established university/cc. But I'd reconsider if it is going to be where you're getting the foundation of your nursing education. If accreditation of some sort of organization is good enough for you, go for it. For me, I set my bar at what my future employers will think of it.
  14. Agrippa

    Johns Hopkins or University of Maryland??

    It really is a personal decision. For me, personally, I'm poor. I've always gone to public schools and prob always will. I'm fine with that - im very happy with my education thus far. If I had money to spare, sure I'd consider JHU. Nothing wrong with swinging it if ya got it.
  15. Agrippa

    RN to BSN at University of Phoenix?

    The connection is that it matters where you go to school. Don't take my word for it. Just google "University of Phoenix & Fraud". But in the end...i don't care what you do. Its your money. Spend it however you like.