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Enforcement Review TX BON

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Well guys, I got a phone call this morning.... and it was good news! I am cleared by enforcement dept to take the NCLEX! :yeah:

Hip Hip Hooray! I am very ecstatic for you Kann! I know that the wait has been so hard and I am so glad to hear the good news. I am taking the Hurst Review this next week...I just hope to be able to use the information I learn quickly. Again, congratulations!

Thank you so much! Hopefully you will get the good news soon.... I will also be attending the Hurst Review this week!

I am so glad that I came across this post. I am in the same boat as you guys. I applied to the TX board in August, I graduated in December and I am still waiting for a final recommendation. I have two misdemeanors one from 9 years ago possession of Marijuana and 8 years ago a DWI. I have changed my life COMPLETELY since those wild college party days. It took almost 7 months for me to hear back from the board. They sent a letter to me stating that I had to see a psychologist for a chemical dependency evaluation. It took 3 weeks to get the appointment, then 3 weeks after the appointment to get the psych recommendation. The eval went really well and in her opinion I should have the green light to practice nursing. It's been over a month since her recommendations have been mailed and I still haven't heard anything from the board. Last time I called I was told my file was in a stack waiting for final recommendations. The entire process of getting court documents, applying for the licence, going for the eval, and waiting for the final recommendations, has taken a year now. It is very frustrating and at times I feel completely hopeless. It feels completely out of my control.

Hey Guys! I called today and they said that I am they will be sending out an eligibility agreed order that states that I need to take a jurisprudence and ethics class. I am now just waiting for the order...the part that takes 4-6 weeks. So I am glad that it is progress. BUT...I have a question after I get the order, is this something I sign and return...also the lady said that after they transfer me back to the dept. that processes the ATT I then have to take the NCLEX, wait to actually pass before I can take the class, also she said that I cannot practice as a GN until I have taken the class...so I have to get the order, return it?, get transferred to the original dept, get my att, take the NCLEX, wait for the results, then take the class...is that right? I just feel still very confused...MSTX or KANN...what do you guys gather from this? Kann, I am sitting on the right side of the room, about five rows back at the very end near the middle of the row, shorty dark hair long...maybe I can meet ya...thanks guys, let me know what you think

IVanna, we all feel your pain, this has been a very hard thing for me to go through...all that I can do is pray and not plan the results...leave that up to God, Allah, Fate...whatever you call it, and just trust that that powers will IS what is best for you...I say that but it is something that I have to surrender everyday, because I get resentful and want to take my will back and get mad that I am not where I should be, let us know if you hear anything or if you just need to vent!

It is a everyday struggle.. Anger, resentment and uncertainty.. Praying and often try to find other things to keep mind off of it...

Progress Yeah!! My knowledge..You will have to sign it (Agreed order) usually in front of a notary public and send it back. Then it will give your ATT for NCLEX. I am not sure if you can take jurisprudence first but I am pretty sure you can. I believe you also would have to take ethics class before issuance of license, not after. That's good you will not have anything stips on your license. Good luck..

I think that sounds right too...I will go ahead and just take the class, perhaps this will help in speeding up or just having stuff ready to turn in. MSTX please do let us know when you get your letter!



Jurisprudence and ethics class is together. The cost starts @ 220$ and up to 350$. It is offered in Houston and other cities (for example San Antonio, Midland, Tyler). You have to sign up and pre-pay to some and others you can pay at the place. They have classes usually once a month and fill out paper for board and they will or you can send complete course work form to TBON. You can check it out on TBON website approved classes or goggle ethics and jurisprudence classes texas board of nursing and list will also come in the mail. You will still have to take the test jurispudence exam that is required by TBON. I was approved for licensure but I will have to take this class as well. You have to have class completed within year but I will definitely have it done ASAP. You have to send agreed order and send it back. I have yet to receive letter in mail. But I am okay with it all... So I checked it out for Us. :) So ready to move on..

Hope all is well with each person still waiting and anticipating their fate!

MSTX, thanks for all that info! I believe that I am going to take the class in San Antonio on June 2cnd...maybe we will see eachother there!

Hey guys, I know I joined this conversation late, but Its kinda funny. I too just found out that I will be approved for licensure after I take the ethics course. I guess it's a standardized decision they make. I am glad to have all this behind me! Do you know yet if you can take the Nclex before the ethics class? I have been at home with my daughter and pregnant with a second child so I haven't kept up with my Nclex study. I have a lot to do. It still seems like there is some more waiting to be done. Waiting to get the letter, waiting for the class to be offered, etc...

Silverdragon102 specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

I seriously expect the BON to want the ethics course done before they will give eligibility to sit NCLEX.


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