Ending my five year job search - any advice about a job?


Does anyone have any advice about getting a non nursing job with a BSN? I am so in debt from school I must do something. Anything. I really do not know what else to do.

It has been five years since I received my ADN and two years since I got my BSN. I have had several interviews but no job offers. I see today that the largest hospital in the area has finished their interviews for the new grad program this summer and while I did get a phone interview - I did not get a face to face interview. They had over 1,000 applicants.

I have applied for every, single nursing job within a 100 mile radius for the last two years. I have applied, cold called, networked, put child care on my credit card so I could volunteer. I am willing to take any job, on any unit, any shift. I have applied to hospitals, doctor's office, LTC, schools, camps, prisons - I thought about taking out an ad but I have no money, LOL. I spent last semester as an unpaid intern at a health clinic only to find that their funding is being cut off and they are going to close. I was only allowed to do office work there - no nursing activites because of liablity issues.

Not that it makes any difference but I had a 4.0 and 3.90 grade point average. All my clinic instructors wrote letters for me. My preceptors all said they would love to hire me but they need people with experience. I also have a BA degree and a certificate in computer technology. I worked for an insurance company for 10 years before I left to stay home with my kids.

I cannot relocate because my husband has a job. I cannot afford any more training because I have no money. I have paid my school debt down to less than $7,000 by babysitting.

I have heard "I thought there was a nursing shortage - Why can't you find a job?" so often I have stopped hearing it. I feel like such a failure and I never even got to try.

Thank you for listening and any advice will be appreciated.

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I'm sorry you have not yet to find a job. Searching for a nursing job for 5 years is a long time. I'm curious to know why employers are not willing to hire you. How is your resume?Appearance? Interview etiquette? Have you requested any feedback from those that did interview you? Have you tried volunterring to get your foot in the door?

Have you really done EVERYTHING? Try calling the nurse managers, try showing up to HR with a suit on and your resume? Tell EVERYONE you want a nursing job. Tell the cashier, anyone. There is always somebody that knows somebody.

I've done these things and it works! You are not a failure unless you give up. I know you're not willing to give up. Keep applying, keep calling, keep on doing it until you get a job.


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It's break my heart after reading your post. How big is the area that you are living in? How often have you seen jobs opening? Five years of job searching is a very long time. I would probably have given up nursing already if that happened to me. I don't have any advice but hoping some miracle happens to you. Everyone needs a little bit of a miracle every now and then. Wish you the best of luck! hugs!


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You are going to have to move...so sorry:(


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After my husband was in the military he worked for Progressive Insurance for a brief period of time. There was a position there that handled the medical claims and worked with injury attorneys. With your background you might qualify for a position similar to that. I believe it makes more money that my full time nursing job too. Good Luck to you! So sorry you have had such a horrible time finding a nursing job.

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Peeps. She said she is not looking for a nursing job anymore.... telling someone who has looked for 5 years with her excellent resume to just keep at it, is kinda ridiculous - ya think? I don't believe there is any problem with how she presents herself if anything she is probably overqualified for a NG position. Hey I had that said to me a few times during my first interviews - it does happen!

OP, rewrite your cover letter and point blank state you are no longer pursuing a nursing position. Then apply to any and all administrative or computer based positions you can. You do need to still list your edu, so you can let employer know what you've been up to. Look for insurers like that poster said, and physician large practices administration jobs too.