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Emory Accepting Patients With The Ebola Virus.


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Just heard this on the news. Are there any Emory nurses out there? If so, what are your thoughts? What are EVERYONE'S thoughts on this?

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Thanks. I'm a little late. lol


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I would LOVE to hear from ID nurses . . . please?


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My question is, if it's only transmitted via direct contact with contaminated blood and bodily fluids, why all the extra precautions and specialized isolation units? Could it really be airborne?

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Nobody really knows for sure. Not even the CDC.


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I really hope that this is something that the great medical minds at Emory can gain a better understanding of. Imo, a hospital ship out in the middle of the ocean staffed with researchers would have sufficed, rather than bringing the patients onto US soil in a large city like Atlanta. I understand that these patients wanted to be "home" with family and friends, and I greatly empathize with that. Those ships have helo-pads that could be used for transporting family to them. Call me paranoid, but I'm not in the minority with those feelings.