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FLAlleycat has 30 years experience and specializes in L&D, Women's Health.

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  1. FLAlleycat

    The Story of Jahi Continues

    The latest update from Medical Futility Blog: Medical Futility Blog: Jahi McMath Family Can Prove She Is Now Alive Tune in Jan 30th.
  2. FLAlleycat

    nurse with late complications of Ebola

    And she's getting worseí ½í¸¢ Pauline Cafferkey: Rapid decline of nurse 'cured' of Ebola leaves experts staggered | Home News | News | The Independent
  3. FLAlleycat

    why do many MAs and CNAs call themselves nurses?

    As an NP, I'm constantly called "doctor". I always say, "I'm not a doctor. I'm Alley, a nurse practitioner." I need to order a T-shirt with that! When a CNA/NA calls themselves a nurse or lets it go when someone calls them a nurse, it implies they have the education and training to be a nurse. When they then give a ridiculously illogical answer to a patient's question, it certainly does damage to that training and education in the minds of the pt. It can also be correcting the misinformation. Adds to the "Everybody tells me something different".
  4. FLAlleycat

    CNA falls to death trying to help at MVC scene

    My thoughts, too, about thread title. I seriously doubt "I'm gonna be a hero" crossed her mind.
  5. FLAlleycat

    Cassandra C's interview

    I had wondered what was happening with Cassandra C: The Medical Kidnapping of Cassandra C (Finally The Truth Revealed) [video=youtube_share;La3dm_GQKYM]
  6. FLAlleycat

    Night Shift Woes...When Do You Sleep On Your Days Off????

    I always worked three nights in a row. On those days, I'd usually sleep from 10AM-6PM. On my days off, I'd stay up until 3-4AM then sleep till 11-noon. This worked for me as it gave me time for doctor appointments, some interaction with day-shift friends, etc.
  7. FLAlleycat

    Relocating to Tampa Florida

    Hi, Tabi, I have a lot of friends who work at FL Hospital in several locations in Orlando; however, I believe their philosophy would be the same in any of their hospitals. ALL of them love working there. When I first moved to Orlando, they had a 6-wk training course for nurses wanting to work L&D. It was awesome course. I worked with them until they closed the unit in the smaller hospital where I worked. The only reason I started working with another hospital system at that time was closer location. I'm sure their HR would be happy to give you info on your other questions. Good luck! Alley
  8. FLAlleycat

    Late arriving Nurses

    Could've sworn this was the topic of one very heated debate a year or so ago. BTW, I'm a 60-yr old snot who doesn't give a damn what time you come in as long as my ass is out the door by 7:15, unless there's an emergency on my unit.
  9. FLAlleycat

    This week, I have learned..... (8/1)

    1. I love retirement. 2. I REALLY love retirement. 3. Whoever said I would be bored when I retired had no clue what they were talking about!
  10. FLAlleycat

    PA nurse drops newborn on his head

    This is true where I worked, also. Funny how a midwife can manage with an intact bed but an OB can't! I never broke the bed until the doc was getting gloves on, I didn't care if he was across the room yelling at me to break it down. Uh-huh. You get over here and get gowned and gloved first. Besides, the bottom of the bed can be lowered far enough down to be out of the way of delivery. Re night-shift workers . . . I was born a night person! I loved night shift and would be as wide awake at 7AM (probably more so) as I was when starting shift. I hated days.
  11. FLAlleycat

    Take this job and shove it!

    Well, when the CNO of our community hospital asked this long-time L&D nurse to work with orthopedic patients, that was the last day she saw me. I was very honest in the exit interview. Others must have been as well since two months later she was fired
  12. FLAlleycat


    Haven't you been keeping up with fashion? The bigger, the better. You got one sexy butt!
  13. FLAlleycat

    To Colonoscopy or Not to Colonoscopy

    I had a colonoscopy ten years ago and seriously doubt I'll ever have another one! The prep was horrible. I was told to drink a glass of the prep every fifteen minutes. My stomach couldn't hold that much, and I started throwing up before half the gallon was down. Doc didn't tell me what to do in that case, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who had that problem! Puke.
  14. FLAlleycat

    You should know better

    Sweets, ANY sweets...donuts, cake, pie, ice cream, chocolates. I really do try to avoid the bakery when shopping, but sometimes the aroma just ropes helpless me in.
  15. FLAlleycat

    Comfortable living?

    I work in FL....low pay and high everything else! I started nursing when I was a single parent of a 2YO and 4YO and survived nicely on the salary. That excludes a whopping $25/month child support that was never paid, and I never remarried. I had no babysitters and had to use childcare/after-school care for years. I managed to buy my dream home (not a McMansion by any means but it does have 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and pool), put kids through college, pay my loans, pay orthodontists, etc, invest some monies so I'll have comfortable retirement, paid $325 electric bill 10 months/yr, kids' first cars, and all other necessities. We always went some place special for our 2-wk vacation and to beach every weekend. I also budget extremely well. I've never felt financially pressured. Nursing has been an excellent career choice for me. Good luck to you in your future. It's exciting!
  16. FLAlleycat

    Talking trash about the patients is not a good idea

    Um, plaintiff is an attorney, too. Oops.