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Emory ABSN Fall 2016



Today was the priority deadline for Emory's ABSN program, and I've already heard back from them that I've been waitlisted. I submitted my application and all the materials early, but I was surprised they made a decision so early! Anyone else in the same boat?

I suppose it's better than a rejection, but so early in the process I'm a little confused about what it means to be on the waitlist.

I just received an acceptance email for 2016 ABSN program. I was wondering when it starts and when the program ends. Does anyone have any idea?

Congratulations yiji! I was told the program begins August 24.

Me too! I got an email yesterday saying I was waitlisted for Emory's ABSN/MSN program. Hopefully we'll hear soon!

Hey guys! I am finishing up my application but had a question. Did you submit official transcripts? I thought I had to but can't find it anywhere so now I am confused! Thanks

Also, would you mind posting your stats?

GPA: 3.8

Pre Reqs: 3.85

I don't have much healthcare experience, aside from volunteering in a hospital which makes me nervous!

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You only need to upload unofficial transcripts to apply, and send official if accepted.

How long did it take for you to receive a decision once you submitted you application? And congrats to those who have already been accepted!

It took them 12 days from when I submitted my application

Hi, everyone! I submitted my app at the end of Sept, but still haven't heard anything. Is there a date the decisions should officially be out by?

I don't think so. I know it is rolling though. When I called to ask about my prereq red check marks, she said that she couldn't even give me a time of when the prereqs would be evaluated and that it was the busy time for them. :(

Hi again, everyone! Just an update of my post from 4 days ago... I'm accepted! Best of luck to the other applicants!

Congrats otay5!! That's great! When were your pre reqs received on the portal? And how long after that did you hear a decision? Congratss again, that's amazing!

Thank you, Sav768! I submitted my application around Sept 24th. I'm not sure exactly when my pre-reqs were received, but I know that it had been updated by Oct 17th and showed all green check marks (rather than the red X's). I found out today, Oct 29th, via an email directing me to check my application status. The email arrived around noon PST. Thank you again, and best of luck to you!!

If you don't mind telling me, could you all share your stats? I'm applying as well- I just started the application and want to get a feel for how I'm placed! :)

If you don't mind telling me, could you all share your stats? I'm applying as well- I just started the application and want to get a feel for how I'm placed! :)

If you could PM me, I can share my stats with you :)

Anyone else hear back yet? :(

I applied around Oct 6! Anyone apply around this time frame and receive an admissions notice?? I'm getting so anxious already

Hello Everyone :)

I was accepted into Emory's accelerated program for fall 2016. I received a notification yesterday telling me to log into my account because an update was made to my application and it had a link to my acceptance letter. I am super excited and thought I would join the forum. I have listed some of my stats below which I believe all played a role in my acceptance to the program. Good luck to everyone!!!!

My Stats:

- I applied Oct 7th

- TEAS Score 82 (not required but I submitted it anyway)

- Undergrad GPA: 3.62

- Prereq GPA: 3.75 ( I still have to take Human Growth and Development)

- Past experience as a phlebotomist, 2yrs research experience as an undergrad, 2 summer internships in the field of veterinary medicine, ROTC, and a member of the chemistry and biology national honors society.

Congrats Jazfurnur!!!

We applied around the same time frame so I'm hoping I hear back soon too :) Wondering whether submitting my GRE to Emory is pushing my decision back....

(might be a double post, my other post didnt seem to post)

Also, thanks for including your stats! Is Emory your top choice?