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And do you have to treat them? I am just curious. Your stories always seem to either crack me up or shake my head in amazement. Thanks for sharing :) https://youtu.be/f4xwqlhhyLo... Read More

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    Quote from grannynurse FNP student
    I will never forget calling 911 for my Dad, who I thought was having an M.I. After giving the dispatcher explicit directions to our home, I sent my daughter outside to watch for them. She watched as the drove past the first cross street, then back up, came down it, then went down the wrong street, then another wrong street, despite my daughter flashing our front light off and on (you could see everything becuase of the circular roads and the lack of many homes). Thank heavens my Dad was alright.

    911 is one of the best systems every instituted. It is some of the dispatchers and some of the firemen that need a little work

    A lot of the time, dispatch is at fault...we were recently dispatched ten miles in the wrong direction after we had dispatch repeat the address THREE times. We also often get really weird directions from dispatch or they will give us a street address instead of a business name...we all know where McDonalds is, but very few of us know that it is at 123 Main Street or whatever. Since so many businesses are not marked with address numbers, it would make it so much easier to tell us the name of the business as well as the address. Also, we have a lot of neighborhoods that are just poorly numbered or names...we have a Main Circle, Main Avenue, and Main Place all in the same area and they all cross with one or the other...we even have a street that has houses numbered 111, 113, 115, 119, 121, 117, 123...CONFUSING especially if you don't know that the street is all messed up.

    We are trying to encourage people to get emergency porch lights...it's just something that screws into the socket and then the bulb screws into it...you flip the switch quickly three times and the light flashes...makes it nice when you are trying to find a poorly marked house at night.

    Also, dispatch doesn't always relay information to fire/rescue like they should. Last week we got paged out to a "man not feeling well" who turned out to be a really brittle diabetic that had fallen down the stairs and had a compound fracture of his left femur...the man's grandson who is a PA told dispatch what was going on and was HOT when we didn't respond full lights and sirens and didn't walk into the house will all of the equipment we needed. We know he gave dispatch all of the information because we pulled the tapes and heard every word he said...the dispatcher didn't feel like it was important to tell us he was diabetic and she couldn't understand how the grandson could diagnose a fracture without x-rays, so she didn't tell us that either...
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    Quote from sandypinktruck
    Had a patient who found 2 ticks come in with ticks in plastic container. They hadnt bit or imbedded, but they were spotted, so MOM was concerned. What are we supposed to do with them anyway?
    You can have ticks tested to see is they carry Lyme Disease but to bring them to an emergency room is just crazy.

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    Quote from justysmom
    now why in the world would you even think that it would be silly to go to the er for that? i had a kidney stone years ago. it was probably the worst pain i ever felt in my life!
    i also had a kidney stone and went to the er. i was doubled over in pain at work. sharp stabbing pains! it was absolute misery! thank goodness for morphine! i think that iv pain meds are the only way to initially get the pain under control. good choice going to the er.
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    had a guy come in c/o toenails cut too short. Dr gave him Vicodin & antibiotics. yes I said Vicodin for short toenails.
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    Here's my ridiculous ER story: I squirted oven cleaner in my eye. It really was a very tiny amount but due to all the warning labels slapped all over the can to "seek medical help immediately", I called poison control and they told me to go to the ER. My eye was red with a little bit of discharge. A really sweet nurse irrigated my eye and that was all. They wanted me to wait to have the eye checked for abrasions by the opthomologist (who was in surgery) but I was feeling fine after the irrigation and figured that if the eye started bothering me later I would see a doctor. So I signed out AMA and that's where the story ends. I did feel bad taking up a bed when other patients were so much sicker than I was, but I had first tried irrigating my eye at home under the faucet and it wasn't doing the trick.

    What I'm wondering, after reading this entire thread, is what stories PCP's can tell about patients who belong in the ER and go to the doctor's office instead.
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    Quote from teeituptom
    Now really. Do you expect anything else from Nursing Home nurses. Granted there are a few that really love their work and really love the elderly.
    All the rest Ive met are losers who cant cut it working anything else.

    :angryfire Attiudes like this.. just burn my butt. I have seen LTC nurses that would send someone to the ER for the littlest thing, and can only speak for myself when I say.. when I send someone to the ER for Eval... 9 out of 10 times, they are admitted. Nursing home nurses arent all trying to lighten their load... AND... we still have to get orders from the doc to send to ER. Sooooooo... its not all the nurses fault!

  7. by   ragincajunstudent
    i had a guy come in one time, had a broken tooth.
    doctor went in looked at it and said go to the dentist.

    had another girl come in faking a panic attack so the cop wouldnt give her a ticket. as soon as the cop left the er she stopped pretending and left. without ever getting past triage.
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    LMAO sitting here laughing...family thinks Ive lost it! Ok so here are some of mine
    mom calls 911 for diaper rash, 6 pm firday night have seen her doc it turns out 4 times this week but is not happy with the 4 different creams they have given her for the baby...and we are going to do what??????? In triage...I snorted coke, the left side of my face is numb, am i having a stroke?....and this buys you a 900.00$ ct scan on the taxpayers! and of course the belly/back/neck/headace/gen body aches I have had for years/months/weeks but now for reasons known only to god is an emergency!
    and my fav...not to nursing home bash...have been there worked way to hard!
    pt brought in beacuse he started vomiting, with ngt in place, tip of tube is now comming out of mouth...so picture pt w/ tube still taped to nose still in nose, but tip is now hanging out of mouth.....now why may I ask could the nursing staff not remove tube, and then replace it? Basic nursing skills here! It is what i did! did not even take pt off gurney, turned him back around in the time it took to print d/c instructions...if tube comes out put back in!
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    I was shadowing under an ER doc one night and we saw an old woman that said she has been dizzy for 6 months. My thoughts were that she was crazy!!!
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    Quote from LMPhilbric
    I forgot the 30 year old that came in by EMS at 0300 hours for constipation x 3 hours! I didn't know you could be constipated after 3 hours, but what do I know? He didn't really want to come to the hospital, he just wanted the medics to give him a laxative! (Hello, ever heard of the drugstore!!!???) EMS brought him in (none too happy at being dragged out of their beds for this). The doc asked me what we should do. I told him to give the guy a gallon of Go-lytely to go and tell him to drink a cup every 10 minutes until it was all gone. I guarantee he won't be back anytime soon.
    LMAO!!!! :roll

    You are a bad, BAD person. SHAME on you!
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    I once had a hispanic guy come to triage wanting braces...no I am not kidding! I called the interpretor just to make sure I understood him correctly!
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    I actually had someone bring their dog to the ER once, cause it was bleeding & they didnt know what to do. It was the cutest patient ever!!
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    One night, about 2am, a 80 something man came in, feeling dizzy w/ a BP of 60's/40's, after 20min. of telling us he didnt know what happened, he confessed, he thought if he took 4 of the little bllue pills "viagra" it would "work better" than if he just took the one! The poor guy won't be doing any of that anytime soon.