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And do you have to treat them? I am just curious. Your stories always seem to either crack me up or shake my head in amazement. Thanks for sharing :)... Read More

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    I guess these folks don't mind paying the larger co pay for stupidity

    What do you mean pay.. I truly don't think they have any intention of paying for the visits or the ambulance rides. Even if there is a co pay, :angryfire they tell the billing dept they didn't bring any money they get treated and when the bill is sent it is placed in the round file. :angryfire

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    I had a man wanting to pay $105 to have his blood pressure checked.
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    Quote from on the phone rn
    What do you mean pay.. I truly don't think they have any intention of paying for the visits or the ambulance rides. Even if there is a co pay, :angryfire they tell the billing dept they didn't bring any money they get treated and when the bill is sent it is placed in the round file. :angryfire

    18 yrs er nursing
    I know just what you mean. I love the women who come in by ambulance for a labor check because they "didn't have a ride" and then they expect to get an ambulance ride back home! We tell that that there are two reasons that is not going to happen. One is that if they could get such a ride they would have to pay cash for it and it is likely to be $500 or more and number two is that the ambulance is not going to take a chance at being unavailable for a REAL emergency by playing taxi. It is amazing how quickly these folks manage to find a ride home on their own!!
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    We had a man come in wanting his ears washed...he got very angry when we told him we didn't know what the hospital charges for an ER visit / ear wash...finally left after he jumped up and down and swore and cried and wet himself...never did get his ears washed...sigh. About a week later, he came in for a free diabetic class (he is not diabetic) and did the same swearing, yelling, crying, wetting himself thing when he was told they didn't have copies of the handouts in French...I don't think he speaks French. We ended up calling our behavioral health people for him and they have a fun new client!
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    Quote from lisamc1
    Sometimes I really feel like one of those stupid people. We now have a $700 ER bill because I didn't know how serious my son's injury was. Just last month we were at a picnic. My son and another boy got into an argument and the other boy decided to settle it by cracking my son on the head with a metal broomstick. Ben (my son) came running to me, blood dripping down him. It was a head wound and there was just so much blood! We went to the ER where he ended up with 5 stitches! I didn't know it wasn't severe. If I had, I would have taken him to the pediatrician's office. They would most certainly have seen Ben and taken care of him with the same care that he was given in the ER (they were awesome, btw), and I would have been given a $70 bill instead of a $700 . We have no insurance, so we are working out a payment arrangement with the hospital. I just feel so stupid, though. I can't wait to get to the part in my nursing training where I can rationally decide what is and isn't an emergency. I saw the blood and freaked. I know you all are talking about some pretty silly reasons to end up in the ER, but I feel just awful about my own decision that landed us in this situation. Do a lot of people who just need a few stitches end up in the ER, or is just me? Ugh!
    I don't think you are the least bit stupid. You seem to be a caring, concerned parent. As you said, there was a lot of blood, and you didn't know how severe the injury was. The ED is equipped to handle a lot more than the average pediatrician office. So look at it this way, what if the injury had been more serious and you took him to his MD's office only to have it be more than they could handle? They would have sent you to the ED, or called EMS to take him to the ED, and then you would have had 3 bills to pay, not just one. You did the best you could with the information you had at the time. As far as I'm concerned, you win the "good mom" award. :hatparty:
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    Quote from ayndim
    Our ped sends facial (probably head wounds too) needing stitches to the ER anyway. So you probably would have ended up with two bills. The other kids mom needs to pay for part of the bill.
    I hadn't thought of that but you are absolutely right, the other kid was responsible for the injury so they should pay half. If it were me, I'd contact the other mom and let her know (very nicely of course) that her little @$#% of a son, cost you $700, not to mention the pain he cost your child, and that you only think that it would be fair for her to pay half of the cost. Since you are making payments, maybe the two of you could alternate months on making the payment. This could be helpful to her as well as she might not have $350 readily available.
    Just a thought
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    This morning my 3 year old son woke up and told me he had a ball in his mouth. I said...hmmm...okay, let's have breakfast. The whole time he's eating, he's complaining because he wants me to take the ball out of his mouth. Now, my son has a vivid imagination, so I didn't pay much attention to him. After breakfast, we go in to brush his teeth and...there is a ball in his mouth. A perfectly round little abcess on his gum. I felt like the worst mom alive. ( listen to your kids people!)
    We live in a very very small town, very rural, not a dentist to be found on a Sunday morning for any amount of money. So I took him to the ED, figuring if nothing else we could get him started on an antibiotic which he'd have to have before the dentist will touch him anyhow. So, off we go, we get there and the waiting room is almost empty. About 5 minutes later a rather homeless looking man comes running in yelling that he wants his wife brought to him right now! The lady in the reg booth comes out to quiten him and try to find out who his wife is. This guy, who seems just a wee bit drunk, is yelling at her that they have no right to keep his wife and they'd better give her back. A little more yelling before finally she learns the wife's name. She goes back to her booth while I pull my son a little closer and the man paces and mumbles to himself. Lady comes back out and asks him if his wife goes by some other name because she can't find her. Man loses it " You mean you LOST my #$&$ing WIFE? I'm gonna sue! I will OWN this place!"
    Enter security guard. Big security guard. Man calms down a little. Security tells him that if he doesn't calm down they will call the police. Man looks puzzled then says " But you are the police" Security says " No, I'm a security guard" Man asks " Why does the police station have a security guard?" A few seconds of silence before security and the lady start cracking up, and I turn my head to keep him from seeing that I'm strangling to keep from laughing. You see, in our little tiny town, the police dept/jail is just across the highway from the hospital
    One of the nurses is married to an officer and called him to relate the story. By the time my son had been prescribed his antibiotic, the officer had called back to report that Mr. Homeless Man had collected Mrs. Homeless Woman from the women's lock-up and no one would be sued afterall
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    Quote from LMPhilbric
    Let's see...the kid who's mother brought him for razor burn because his work insisted that he shave daily. I tried to find a new triage category for that one...like a 6- totally stupid complaint - could be seen next year!! We had about 20 people in the waiting room at that time. He had quite the wait.

    The young "pregnant" woman who came in with vaginal bleeding. She couldn't figure out how she got pregnant because she used the patch. I ran a UCG on her and it was negative. She said "I don't understand that. I used all 5 tests in the box and they were all positive." I told her pregnancy tests usually come 2 to a box. You guessed it...she was using an ovulation predictor and was getting her period. That is why people should have to pass a test to be allowed to reproduce.

    The malodourous vaginal discharge x 2 weeks. Yeah, well, when you forget to remove your tampon, that's what happens. PS: I got a great tip from one of our docs. He uses sterile gloves when he goes tampon fishing. That way he just pulls the glove off over the tampon and ties it in a quick knot. Completely contains the smell. Exam gloves are too short.

    Then I had the guy who was bitten by a water mocassin. He didn't want to kill the snake so he picked it up with a rake to try to move it to the woods. The snake is now totally p*ssed off and scared so the guy drops the snake. Now the snake is even more mad, so the guy tries to pick the snake up and whammo...he gets envenomated. I told him "If your name is not Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, and you are not getting paid millions of dollars to pick up the snake, leave it alone!"

    Thanks for a great thread. I LMAO!
    Those are hilarious! But what's extra funny is that I was reading fast and thought you wrote that the guy bit the snake...lol
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    We get enough of the pregnancy test b.s., which kills me...especially when they get fussy because we are seeing "those people that keep coming in bleeding or acting like they are having a heart attack." Buying a $7 pregnancy test at the drug store must be a foreign idea...guess where our taxes are going?!
    You know, I just might be able to clear this one up for you all because when I worked in social services, I had a client tell me this. If you are pregnant and plan on applying for welfare, you have to have written proof that you are pregnant. So, these girls go to the ED, have the test done, get a note if it isn't already written on the discharge sheet, and turn it in with the application for aid. And since medi-cal/medicaid is usually retroactive for at least 30 days, the ED visit is covered.
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    Talk about parent in denial or just plain dumb......

    While working a rural ER gig.....
    Dad (Daryls brother Daryl...) comes in with 7 year old son (nose-pickin' and bouncing off the walls) stating son banned from riding school bus because he peed on some other children riders. (not wet his pants....I clarified....actually peed on)
    "Do you think he has Diabetes?", says dad, "I heard that it can cause stuff like that" ....(as son is pulling cotton balls out of a jar on the counter...)

    um yeah...
    For some reason, this reminded me of a funny story about my grandfather. One day, out of the blue, he told me that I should take my daughter to the ED. She was about 9 months old at the time, and happily playing, so I asked him why. He told me that the bald patches on her head were worrying him. I explained to him about babies losing hair and that she was just a little later than most, her MD had already commented on it.
    Later that day, my mom calls me laughing. Grandpa had went to her, telling her that she needed to make me take the baby to the ED right now because if I didn't she could die. Mom pressed him for why he thought something was wrong and finally he told her that he'd watched a special about Leukemia the night before and all of the kids who had it were losing thier hair.
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    Quote from Trauma-tizedRN
    Here is my UTI experience and what's so messed up about our healthcare system. AT work, started to feel it coming on. I had one in the past and knew what it was right away. Got off work and called my PCP and asked him to call something in for me. Oh, hell no, can't do that...gotta see you....(jesus C.....I AM an ICU nurse...it's not like i'm diagnosing a heart condition and asking you to call in some Cardizem or something..) No available appt. until Tues. (4 days away)...Now that's some good preventative medicine...How far will this infection travel by tuesday? It's 4:30. Can barely pee by then. So I head over to a doc in the box. (never been to one before, hell, have paid for insurance for 17 years and barely used it) Doc in the box says I need a referral or my insurance won't cover it. WHAT?? They call my PCP, he say NO...haven't seen her for it, she needs to make appt here or go to ER. GO TO ER?? Good use of insurance. Doc in the box says insurance won't pay for this ER visit either. I call my PCP personally from doc in the box. I told the office nurse my dilemma, can't pee, lots of pain, gotta work in AM. I told her I was 6 blocks away and would be in shortly and will sit in the waiting room and be last appointment of the day, if necessary, to be seen. I was sooooo pissed. Nurse comes back on the phone and snottily says, fine, just come in. Can you believe this crap? If I would have been on welfare...NO PROBLEM...ala carte service...free of charge. Changed PCP's.
    I have to say, welfare is not all it's cracked up to be. While it may be true that you could have gone right to the ED without any referral bull, there are plenty of other drawbacks, besides the fact of needing to be well below the poverty line to qualify. For instance, only being allowed 6 prescriptions a month. Having a pretty limited choice of PCP's. A huge list of medications that aren't covered at all. Limitations such as with pain killers, only being allowed 3 prescriptions in a 75 day period, of no more than 30 count.
    My neighbor has MS and is on medi-cal. I probably spend 4-6 hours a month on the phone with her social worker trying to help her get special authorizations for all the medication she needs. It took me over three months of complaing to get her pain pills straightened out for her. She was expected to make due with 1 Vicodin a day. Not even extra strength, just the standard 5/500 which is all medi-cal covers. Strangely, it bypasses the mid-level drugs, but does cover things like Morphine, which I finally convinced her doctor to give her. Poor woman was suffering horribly, and is unable to walk, or stand or barely move, all she could do is lie in bed and suffer.
    Sorry to ramble, but medi-cal recipients should be pitied, not begrudged the little they get just because some abuse it. I'm sure just as many blue cross members abuse the ED.
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    [I had a woman come in via ambulance stating her colon fell out while on the toilet. When she realized what happened, she said she 'pushed the rest of it back in'. She brought in a paper plate with what she said was the part of her colon that had fallen in the toilet. Needless to say, it was feces. The EDMD told her, "if it looks like sh__ and smells like sh__, then it is sh__!".

    I also had a 17 year old boy come in with his mother complaining of constipation. During triage, he refused to sit down. He said that he tried to 'get it out' by using tweezers. Upon exam, we found the handles to BBQ tongs protruding from his rectum. The Xray showed large tongs all the way up into the colon. The tip of the tongs were jagged and would could not be removed without causing internal trauma. He required surgery with a colon ressection and a ver legnthy hospital stay.

    Those are my 2 best stories.
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    guy comes to the ED with c/o "my wife says that my penis is going the other way. It's gone left for 26 years and now it's going right". First of all, I was the only "girl nurse" working with three big "boy nurses" that night. Secondly, who do you think was assigned to this nutcase? Third, the boy nurses couldn't stop laughing loudly while I'm trying to maintain a professional demeanor. Fourth, when asked if he had any med hx, he of course says "no" and takes off his shirt and exposes a chest and abdo that looks like Dr. Frankenstein had experimented on him. "That's nothing, just an old gunshot wound". That was it, I left the room, wrote PE deferred to MD. MD got quitethe kick out if it...

    But on the other hand, at least he made us laugh. Our ED is currently inundated and over-run, and had a 30-ish well kept female in the other day by ambulance who had belly pain for 15 MINUTES. No n/v/d, laughing and talking to her multiple friends who rushed to the ER when they found out that she was there, apparently in extremis, and complained loudly and was very snotty about having to wait to be seen- in the midst of some of the worst chaos I have seen in 16 years of this crap. These folks don't make you laugh, they make you homicidal.