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You know...impaled by a fence, or swallowed 50 screws, or that sort of thing! Thought we'd try again - that last thread (the WORST thing) was too sad to read. I'd love to hear about those... Read More

  1. by   Balder_LPN
    Quote from twotrees2
    he also stuck a hoe in my brothers head ( thank god missed his brain - not to deep lol)
    I did that to my brother one time. He wouldn't get out of my pedal care. Hey, IT WAS MY CAR!

    My mom came out, saw the blood pulsing from his scalp and picked him up, running in cirlces around the yard and shrieking. This woke up my dad, a cop working graveyard. He had his car parked at the front of the driveway in case he was called out. We drove to the hospital with my mom screaming and hitting him because he wouldn't turn on his lights and siren so we didn't have to stop at the red lights on the 5 minute drive to the ER.

    That was my first ride in the back of a cop car. Though as it turned out my brother would be the one to spend so much of his time there when we got older.
  2. by   twotrees2
    Quote from Balder
    hat was my first ride in the back of a cop car. Though as it turned out my brother would be the one to spend so much of his time there when we got older.
    my brother too - maybe the bump didnt hurt their brains but got their common sense got injured lol. dont feel to bad- i fed my brother a bunch of baby asprin ( we were 2 and 3 at the time - and he nearly died - eeks- dang things kids do!!)
  3. by   Ruby Vee
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    ok so i was quite the tomboy lol. and a tad on accident prone - never a broken bone ( unless you count toes which i dont cause ya cant do anything about em anyhow lol)
    [font="comic sans ms"]which reminds me -- my father had quite a temper when we were kids, and 5am and 5pm milking only seemed to exacerbate it. one morning our best milker, elsie was being particularly recalcitrant. she switched dad in the face with her manure-encrusted tail more than once, tipped over the bucket (we lived without electricity, but that's another topic) and stepped on my sister. when elsie kicked dad, he lost his temper and hauled off and kicked her back! my sister and i stood there, awed and amazed, while my father hopped around on one leg, cursing the cow, her ancestors, her future descendants and everything else under the sun! then, wisely, we ran and hid until he calmed down. dad's middle toe is crooked to this day. a cow's leg is tougher than a human's foot!

  4. by   sqky
    We had a 17 y/o male walk into the ER, a tactless nurse commented "he walks like he has something stuck up his butt"....... he heard her.

    The sad thing is he did..... not by his choice. He and some friends had been out partying in the boonies (124 miles from our hospital), got drunk, walked down over the hill, fell down (he stated he had some difficulty getting up, but attributed it to being drunk). He got back up walked to the fire and one of his buddies hit his butt jokingly for falling down. Blood spattered all over.

    When he fell he had inpaled himself on a small tree, when he stood up it broke off. They bypassed 2 closer hospitals to come to ours. He stated he was not having any pain.

    In the end...no pun intended, the tree had ented his rectum, passed through his abdomen and had pierced into his chest cavity. His first surgery lasted 17 hours, I got to watch some if it and later cared for him on the nursing unit. His hospitalization was 5 months following the first surgery and had to have 5 more over a 2 year period.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    I read some of these to my 17 y.o. and my dh last night . . . . . they both turned a bit green.

    I don't think they knew what I did at work . . . . :spin:

  6. by   Jarnaes
    Have lots of crazy Iraq stories...
    One day we had a young soldier come it with "minor" shrapnel injuries from an IED. He walked into the ER section, talking about "hey-feel this piece of metal in my chest". X-ray showed a piece of shrapnel, pt was taken to the OR, once he was open we saw that the shrapnel was tamponading the subclavian... He's one lucky guy.
  7. by   Ohmygosh
    Quote from sqky
    I was working ER years ago when a very high society lady came in for a pelvic exam. I gave her a gown and asked her to undress and left the room to let the doc know she was ready for him.

    He came in and we put her in the stirrups. Low and behold a green stamp was stuck to hair in her peri area. The doc winked at me, took the stamp off and continued the exam. It was all I could do not to laugh.

    After she left he said he should have asked her if her green stamp book was filled.

    (for you who are to young to remember, green stamps used to be given out at stores, you would collect them to turn them in for items in a catalog)
    I do remember green stamps all too well .... something very similar to this actually happened to my sister on her very first gyno visit when she was a teenager --The nurse asked her for a urine sample -- she went into the restroom and got the sample but there was no tissue in the restroom, so she reaches into her purse andpulls out some kleenex tissues -- she didnt know the green stamps were attached to her "area" until she was in the stirrups-- the Dr pulled back the sheet and began to laugh histerically -- the nurse also began to laugh and both left the room in stitches. My poor sister didnt know what was happening-- it was her very first visit to the gyno -- she was clueless - finally the nurse composed herself and came back into the room and removed the green stamps and held them up toward my sister and said "the Dr. said to say he is sorry but he doesn't accept green-stamps for payment" ---This was over 30 years ago now --But I still chuckle a little to myself everytime I go to the gyno!
  8. by   rsh3rn
    butane bottle in the rectum, could have been an explosive situation. that and the grntleman who decided to remove his penis because it hurt to pee
  9. by   AfloydRN
    MAn WALKES into ER triage desk holding towel on his head. States he had an accident on the jobsite( man drove himself in) I ask him to sit down so I can see what the problem is as he is profusely bleeding from somewhere. As he takes the towel off, the entire top of his head ,down to the skull, is stuck to the towel and comes right off. He was hit in the head w/ the CRANE! This poor man had no clue. He went up to the OR for neurosurgery and lived to tell the story. The other patient I will never forget, also walked in to triage, and C/O HA. After much encouragement told us he is a roofer and had an itch on his head and forgot he was holding a nail gun and ouch! He aslo went directly to the OR and missed all viable parts by milimeters. God was looking out for him that day for sure.
  10. by   sqky
    here is one to lighten the spirt!! lol:Santa1:

    A female was brought into the ER via ambulance. She had been driving her car on icy roads, the car failed to stop at an intersection with a major highway and she struck a Toyota station wagon. There were no police around (it was 5am and this is a very small town). She volunteered to walk to the Sheriff office to get help since there was no other traffic. No one would answer there so she walked to the city police dept. No one there either (found out later they were all at the Sheriff Office drinking coffee and eating their doughnuts).

    She saw a tow truck pull into the car dealership and went over and had them call the SO to get help, then decided to walk back to the accident scene.

    On the way back she slipped on the ice, you guessed it, broke her leg. Now I should tell you she had wrecked a brand spanking new Pinto sedan (only had 500 miles on it) and had not received a scratch.

    After 45 minutes of laying on the ice and snow employees of the business she fell in front of came to work and found her. (There had been a severe ice storm the night before and had come early to shovel the walks....... to late to save her from falling lol).

    Anyway, she ended up in the ER, got casted and family took her home. 30 minutes later she was back in the ER with the cast broken off her foot and all the toes broken on the casted leg.

    She had gone to her parents home, sat in her dad's recliner, it broke, flipped her backwards. Her casted foot struck a bookcase breaking her toes and splitting the cast.

    The doc was still in the ER when she was taken back in, yelled at her to go home........ she showed him what was left of her cast and asked him if there was a warranty on his work. He shut up and refixed her leg and toes.

    She totaled her new car, broke her leg and then her toes in less than 2 1/2 hours..... now that was a bad day.

    :Snow: I lived to tell about it, but I also check all chairs before I sit. :icon_redface:
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