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  1. by   Altra
    Quote from russ11
    its in the memory of those we cannot save that we save the ones we can.
    thanks ... i needed to hear that right now ... after losing an 18-year old this week. back to work tomorrow ... to keep on keepin' on.

    my cop friend says, "that's why we do it, sweetheart ... that, and the great hours."
  2. by   onehusbandsevenkids
    Okay, someone start a thread of GOOD cases, miracles and all that...need to read those to balance all of the horrific cases!
  3. by   talaxandra
    What does it say about me that it's the saves (thanks russ11) that had me go from tears pricking my eyes to having them drip on the keyboard (to the distress of my colleagues)?
  4. by   Renee4christ
    I read through just about all of the posts i could take and i just wanted to personally say thank you to all of you brave nurses!! I am a pre-nursing student and never really considered the ER, only because of the guaranteed unexpected cases that come in, just like the one's listed in these posts. You all are God-given and are special and important people in the world and hospital setting. God Bless you all!
  5. by   erbryan
    a gentleman his wife were experitmenting and he ended up with her vibrator shoved up his butt and ending up in his descending colon , off to surgery. Guess he wont get talked into that one again lol turned out to be a real pain in the ass lol Bryan
  6. by   Natingale
    Quote from erbryan
    a gentleman his wife were experitmenting and he ended up with her vibrator shoved up his butt and ending up in his descending colon , off to surgery. Guess he wont get talked into that one again lol turned out to be a real pain in the ass lol Bryan
    Yeah we had one of those but he couldnt even like walk. It was still on, they did an xray and it looked like it was in his sacral area LOL

    The WORST would be this guy who tried to circumcize himself because he got tired of looking at the foreskin so he used a swiss army knife. The male doctor wanted no part of it LOL but after an hour passed the bleeding didnt stop, soo he went IN :stone
  7. by   Vikingkitten
    :uhoh21: Don't know if it was the coolest I've ever seen, but heard a friend of mine in Texas tell me the story about the teen who was fooling around with one of those Potatoe Guns (huh?) . He and some friends were shooting Frogs out of them (wonder what the ballistic quotient of frogs is?), when he apparently had a "hang fire" (delayed firing). Not being too swift to start with, he decided it would be a good idea to look down the barrel and see what was going on! Well, the gun picked that time to discharge, taking half his face off (literally!), and turning him into a blind vegetable! I think he was also in line for a Darwin Award as he hadn't reproduced.
    "And now, for something completely different"
  8. by   CaseManager1947
    Our trauma chief always sez these are not "accidents" they are the results of the obvious.... poor judgement, mistakes in judgement, some fool with more drugs than good sense... thus its never a motor vehicle accident its always a crash on the trauma h&p. Kudos 2 all who have posted.... they just inspired me to more... Yes Newbies. there is some element of whose got the coolest gory story, but it's also educational to all us of as well. what we got, how we fixed it, made 'em well or how sad it was if it was not to be, Medicine and surgery are scientific, but its also art.... sometimes God is the one that decides the outcome. When i was in OR (moved up or down the food chain depending on whom you speak with)... young kid wrapped his new birthday bike around a pole... not a scratch on him; now u gotta remember this was the EARLY 70's; opened him up. BP running low, soooo gave unmatched blood;volume fluids== kid's torn vena cava gave way... bled to the ceiling for a little bid till he bled out.... nothing to be done. My first OR death; kid not too much older than me..... never forgot him.I know that we all who are in this game try our damndest to keep these patient's alive; even if they are some fool with too much whatever on board; because they are someone's husband, brother, cousin, uncle, dad, sister, mother, etc. Trauma care is so stressful but can be so gratifying We've had several great saves here lately. Best to all my trauma sisters and brothers out there...CaseManager1947
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  9. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    When I was on the chopper about a year ago we got dispatched to a small town, the emt's where calling for us, as this young man was hit by a car going at a high rate of speed, it knocked him headfirst 200 ft. into a tree, upon our arrival to the scene we seen juswt why they called us there was a hole the size of a baseball right through the back of his head the skull bone had been completely shattered and you could see the grey matter brain pulsating, I just knew he wasnt going to make it, he also broke his neck, I had to defib him 6 times in route to Barnes (my hospital), anyway he died ten minutes after arriving in ER.
  10. by   celclt
    these are great!
    My contribution...a freaky tragic at home bikini waxing that went awry- 2nd/3rd degree burns with as much internal! vs external damage- of course her dh was there for the "told ya so"
  11. by   TraumaNurseRN
    my contribution is a story with a happy ending. the woman's boyfriend stabbed her in the upper left chest wall 1 inch away from the heart as the ct scan revealed. he stabbed her and left her for dead. with a pneumothorax and a 6 inch knife remaining upright she layed for 12 hours on her kitchen floor, with the knife still inside when the mailman found her. she remained a&o throughout her er experience and even allowed photos of her injuries. as alot of criminals do, he returned to the scene of the crime to find her gone, but a house full of hidden law enforcement. it was amazing she didn't die. of course the fool struggled with police and was brought in to the ed as well where he was handcuffed to the side of the bed. she lived......he went to prison....it's stories like that, that put a smile on everyon's face.
  12. by   Toquay
    The ER I work is not the trauma center, so when we see any type trauma it is usually not a good thing. These are the type of things that the true impact does not hit you until later. Is a wonder more emergency people are not diagnosed with post traumatic distress syndrome.

    Worst was 3 elderly men (70's plus) out fishing in a boat and at dusk decided to head in. They hit a piling which knocked the driver (only survivor) into the steering wheel and then knocked him back into the bed of the boat. Guy number two was thrown into the piling and then back into the back of the boat he had multiple head and chest contusions with obvious broken ribs and scapula he was doa. The worst was guy three, he was thrown out of the boat and the driver was unable to pull him in so he tied him to the outside of the boat. He was able to talk to ems and give his name report he was on coumadin etc he began to code as soon as ems loaded him. On arrival to ER we continue coding him without success and find that the boat propeller had caught him in the groin area creating at least another 4 inch inseam. Everyone cringed, especially the ER men at the sight.

    Another bad one was suicide attempt, woman in 40's ate bottle of ativan called 911 asking them to come as there were children in the house then fired a flare gun into her mouth. Basically was doa but we did manage to get heart beat and intubate her. She was on life support for a few days and family opted to discontinue it.

    I wish I could say those were the only only I have seen in my career but there are so many more. Futileness is a hard lesson.

  13. by   Medic2RN
    I've seen plenty working as a paramedic.

    One poor guy somehow got caught up in an aircraft tug wheel well and was unable to break free. It slowly rolled forward while he was wrapped around the wheel, needless to say he was DOS. Traumatic asphyxiation by a slow crush can do grotesque things to a body. I had hoped he died suddenly, but he probably felt every twist of that wheel.

    One gentleman was getting off of work, driving a pick up truck and decided (according to police) to try to get that six pack on the passenger side. He steered into the other lane, over corrected, hit a median and his truck rolled over. He unfortunately was ejected half way out of his vehicle and took the brunt force of the truck on top of him. It had rained earlier in the day, so he was literally pressed into the ground. I won't go into the details of what he looked like.

    We got called late at night to a truck v pedestrian accident. Supposedly, the person either fell or was pushed into the path of an oncoming truck. The truck clipped the person's head only. The face was still attached, but the top of the skull and brain matter were everywhere. We had to use flashlights and mark all the pieces splattered on the highway.

    Those are some of the gross ones I can remember right now.

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