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Hi all...been a long time since I've been here. Between school and working in the ER, not much time. I had an experience a couple of weeks ago and just wondered what the ramifications could be with... Read More

  1. by   CMERN
    Assess! assess! assess! last week: hall patient moved to my room: the report given to me from another nurse... "Oh, she has chronic back pain (wink, wink).... but she says she is here for weakness.... she was just dc,d from her implanted morphine pump two weeks ago". Same Nurse states"I put her in your room. We are basically waiting on labs, she's had two of morphine. (continuing) I didnt put her on monitor dont think she needs it...."
    Well to make a long story short I, ( me) followed my instinct and my training. SHE Was aving the Big ONE..( no wink, wink). thrombolytics and all .... CCU Admit... whew... this patient could have coded... two nurses,and 1 doctor code brown instead (ha).... alls well that ends.. well. . and thats why we're a team in the E.R..... SERIUOSLY always ASSESSS..
  2. by   CEN35

    i think jill is right there on that one. document it somewhere, and save it. if it becomes a trend or pattern, then you have something to fallback on. unfortunately, it took me a few years to think of the scapegoat type stuff, because i was more consumed in all the "legal issues".

  3. by   teeituptom
    howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    You as the tech are in the clear. The Rn and The MD could be held liable if something occurs.
    But there are not too many things that a tech can be held accountable for, leastways in my Er. They function strictly under supervision.

    I like the ones who come from jail. looking to get out for haveing chest pains, they are my favorites. Iv noticed the medics on the box always insert 14 g IVs on the, usually on more than one attempt. OWCH

    doo wah ditty
  4. by   RNFROG3
    Yikes!!! Has any one else talked about this nurses behavior? We had a nurse like that and the co-workers encouraged that she was not welcome working here. Of course one has to be careful not to create a hostile working enviroment (in the er of all places).
    I sat down with her-one of the hardest things I've had to do ever--and told her she wasn't effective as a nurse here. Sad thing was she thought the co-workers liked her. We talked and cried( I cry when others do) I explained that the pace and the stress here was too much. I also told her I thought that she would make a good community health nurse or office nurse, or rehab nurse. She would make mistakes scary ones during the really hectic times, when noone was there to help. If that hadn;t worked a few of us were going to take our documentation to the state nursing board. Our hospital also prescribes to the warm body theory. I wasn't willing to see a preventable death. Yes- a drastic step not to be taken lightly but necessary for our patients.
    This is my opinion:
    When a patient comes into the ER or OR or even in the hospital doors , they have they right to be evaluated....
    The Nurse that was in charge of this patient should count her lucky stars she still has a license and a job, she im my opinion is lacking the basic skills of a fruit fly in the nursing area... Anyone complaining of chest pain requardless of anything else going on needs a full cardiac assessment even the baseline on that guy would have shown a possible lead to yes he is truly having problems. The Nurse being the first to see the patient is accountable for her actions ,its a shame you dont have to staff to show her the door and not keep her ,where a warm and caring body is needed most.... Im sure she back charted and CYA'd her way clean and clear.... most do...
    The Dr is also responsible as well it is his job to evaluate the patient completely but most go on what information they get from thier nurse to see how in depth one should be on the evaluation...Im sure standing in the back ground was hard for you, and yes even though you maynot have the initals to truly care for this patient you as a healthcare worker are also the patient advocate.... If you spoke to the supervisor and reported what you saw , then you did what you could do.... There is only so much one can do when limited on their abilities , even though Im sure you would have given more care then what the worthless nurse did. As far as her having affairs in the department thats irrealivant , but if she cant keep her mind on her job and be what she was trained to be , then she should step away from patient care, because to be honest I wouldnt want her taking care of me or anyone in my family, because its obvious that her actions speak louder than words.....
    That may tick a few people off her and thats ok
    I started with this is my opinion , and opinions are like a**holes
    everyones got one
  6. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Hey essarge, you said she is too busy flirting with the EMTs, so by the way is she at least cute.

    Just joking

    doo wah ditty
  7. by   Flo1216
    I hate nurses like that.My friends father went to the ER 4 times complaining of chest pain. He was sent home 4 times, and one of the nurses yelled at him and told him there was nothing wrong with his heart and that it was probably indigestion and that he should stop coming to ER. He left feeling foolish and that night he had a massive M.I. Luckily he survived, but he was in a coma for 4 days, is on permanent disability and has an implantable defibrilator. PLEASE listen to your patients and don't be so quick to label them a drug seeker. Essarge, the nurse that did that should go to hell. She was judgemental and unprofessional and should not be a nurse. All chest pain must be taken seriously even if deep down you feel it is B.S.
  8. by   essarge
    Thought I would give everyone an update and thank them for the great advice.

    Since this happened this nurse has almost killed a pediatric patient (50 units insulin instead of 5), still judges patients when they come in, and gives me an attitude from hell. I've about decided to go to the nurse manager of the ED and have a confidential sit down with her. As a tech and future (under contract)RN in this hospital, I don't want to jeapardize my future because of her.

    The problem with going to the charge nurse on her team is that they are very good friends and this charge (although a good nurse) helps her cover her buttocks whenever something happens. I've gotten sick and tired of hearing her say "they just want attention".

    So do you all think that I should go to the nurse manager or keep my mouth shut about it? I'm really afraid that she will kill someone someday. No, I take that back, I know she will kill someone someday!
  9. by   CEN35
    ess, listen to me and then decide for yourself what you should do.

    document somewhere, these incidents with mr# and last name. take from former management...........you cannot go in there and say stuff, without documentation, back up or proof. unless you have it all memorized and locked up upstairs, don't do it. you need to go about it the (in this case hospital, politically correct way), in order to make it work. otherwise, you are gonna hang yourself. unless, you have a wittness or someone else willing to back you up!

    always, back yourself up, cover your ass and think of everything before you make a move. unfortunately, there is more than one way to fry your a** and/or hang yourself.

    think 1st, act 2nd..............it's taken me along time to do this....years.....and still am not perfect, nor will i ever be! :d


  10. by   essarge
    Thanks, will do just that. Went out and bought a little spiral pad today. I just don't trust the little princess!
  11. by   CEN35
    good move ess!

  12. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    Hey Hye now easy on the EMT's you are touching on a nerve over here, but I have to agree with waht everyone says especially CEN35, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT and if you can't get anywhere with the ER nurse manager move up the chain of command, but always , always document, even if you don't think it is significant.

    LPN & EMT-CT
  13. by   essarge
    Love the EMT's!!! Great bunch of people who really care about everyone (even the frequent flyers!). It's all about being part of the team, no matter which team you are on.

    I work tonight and hope the little princess isn't on...sometimes it takes all of my energy just to not tell her off when she gets on the "I'm so cute" mode. but the patients are the most important thing, not her (wish she'd realize that).