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What verbage is used on signage in your waiting room to explain treatment by priority of triage level? Looking for good explanation with least words.... Read More

  1. by   CEN35

    you mean back pain for a year, and diarrhea for 3 months isn't an emergency!

  2. by   MPHkatie
    I wish i had a sign that said, EMTALA law requires that we let a MD assess you, otherwise I would kick your sore throat, cough, sneeze, vomited one time, pain for two years, behind out the door..... Also those who are actually emergenices are usually too sick to complain! We do have 2 signs in english and spanish that explain that people are seen due to who is sickest, but people don't care, I wonder what would happen if we told people they had to go elsewhere.....wouldn't it be fun to send that frequent flyer packing?
  3. by   CEN35
    how about?

    if you have been here more than 4 times in the last rolling calander year you will be seen last. in the event of a tie, those with more visits will move to the end of the list.

    thank you,
    for your cooperation
    and patronige


    p.s. lmao! :chuckle
  4. by   MPHkatie
    Perhaps we could then explain that you don't get bonus points, frequent flyer miles or event frequent user discounts. for coming to the ER every other day.
  5. by   Jen911
    We need to post a sign out front for patients that says:

    There will be a direct correlation between the number of times we have written prescriptions for your pain medication and the number of pills you will have in your bottle when you pick it up in the pharmacy!

  6. by   petiteflower
    :rofl: I love these!!!!!! Can someone think of one for the dramatic little old ladies that put on the show (acting like they are dying--I've had it happen) thinking they will get in first???
    PS JEN911--I LOVE your signature
  7. by   LilgirlRN
    Ya know we could do away with 85% of our traffic if we could only implement these machines in the ED waiting area:
    1. First machine sells 10 packs of Lortab 7.5
    2. Second machine sells work excuses.
    LOL Wendy
  8. by   CEN35

    3. sells ducolax, mag-citrate as a soft drink, mom, and fleets water or oil.

    lmao! :chuckle

  9. by   MPHkatie
    I have often thought if we had a stand that gave out the meals we serve in the ED we could really reduce traffic. I don't know about your clientele, but ours owuld never (OMG!!!!) PAY for any medications. They are entitled to it for some reason that none of them can explain yet.
  10. by   shootemrn
    i wish there was a rolling electronic marquee sign that says over and over we are not a detox.....we are not a fast food franchise....your version of a emergency may differ from the triage nurse's version.....we are not a detox... get the picture
  11. by   ernurse728
  12. by   Flo1216
    I recently had an emergency appendectomy. I actually drove myself to the ER. The ER was pretty empty. I walk in, doubled over in pain and the unit clerk said, rather snottily, " Can I help you, "? I told her I was having severe abdominal pain. She actually ROLLED HER EYES at me and said to the security guard, " I TOLD you you shouldn't have opened the door, " Then said, as though I were bothering her said , " Follow me, " In spite of my pain I asked her if she would prefer that I leave, as I appeared to be disturbing her. She changed her tune real quick. Then she found out that I work for another hospital and started kissing my a*! I was then triaged for almost 2 hours where I simultaneouly puked and pooed and at one point almost passed out, to which nobody noticed. I never complained about the wait.I was never in so much pain in my entire life, yet I was treated like some kind of hypochondriac by this imbecile, who by the way is a senior in nursing school. I am sure she will have a great bedside manner. Anyway, I wound uphaving a ruptured appendix. My question is this: who makes the triage decision? Because I was only seen by the unit clerk before I was triaged. How does it usually work(I haven't doen my ER roatation yet)
  13. by   cmggriff
    The way it is supposed to work is you are first seen by a medical professional (MD, RN) trained in triage. I believe this is mandated by the same EMTALA legislation that prevents the tossing of all those patients with the dominant variety of loser gene.

    I have been trying to get a sign posted in the waiting area that reads

    "If you were truly sick, you be an exam room now."