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What would you do? A visitor of a patient in the ER assaults an RN without being provoked. What should that ER RN do?... Read More

  1. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Don't drop the charges. That is admitting guilt of the facility's neglect of the patient.

    Make sure you have contacted your lawyer.

    That "caring father" should have handled his daughter. Now he pay for two lawsuits!

    Good luck, and don't let her get away with it. Her next outburst could be a innocent & fragile geriatric patient, or some innocent child!
  2. by   traumaRUs
    In Illinois - its a felony to assault a healthcare worker also. Come on up here - we have openings in our ER!
  3. by   ERNurse752
    It is also a felony in Indiana.

    Go get 'em!!!!! We put up with enough, we can't have people expecting to beat on us and get away with it.

    If the hospital isn't backing you up and you're proceeding, it might be a good idea to contact a lawyer.
  4. by   nursemary9
    Go ahead with pressing charges!!
    Go as far as you can go with this despite what the hospital wants you to do. It's about time that nurses--weather male or female-- aren't looked at as punching bags!!

    You have my support 100%. It's what I would so. I might even try some suing of my own.
  5. by   paraloco
    Quote from zenman
    I'm with you to. You got to make a stand if you feel it is morally right and the rest will take care of itself. Any pt (in their right mind) or family/visitor ever hit me, I'll also provide them with an "educational moment."
    I'll never forget the time I picked up one particular overdose patient. We woke her with narcan, she became combative enroute. After moving her to the bed in the ED, she offered to bite the charge nurse. The nurse snarled: "Bite me, and you'll be replacing your teeth!" I hadda leave to laugh! You should have seen the woman's face.
  6. by   Dixielee
    I will just chime in to agree with the other posters. My understanding is that it is a felony to assault a healthcare worker as well. I didn't realize it varied from state to state. I would definately continue with the charges. We must stand up for our rights. It is one thing to be hit by a confused patient who doesn't know what they are doing, but this is not the case here at all. Carry on!

    I don't thing sex or size should have anything to do with it. An assault is an assault. As ER nurses we are required to report any alleged assault to the PD when the patient presents to the ER. Why should we expect ER staff to blow off an assault on us? NO, continue on and stand your ground. I am also an ER traveler, and I know my company would stand behind my decision, even if the hospital didn't. Do what you know is right! Don't let this idiot get away with it.
    Get yourself a lawyer. Proceed with criminal complaint as far as that can take you and then slap the hitter, family and hospital with a civil suit. I have had my hospital, on multiple occassions, refuse to back nurses who were physically assaulted.
  8. by   needsmore$
    In Pennsylvania it is a felony to assault a healthcare worker-Bill 1313
    Stick to your guns. If your hospital is not supporting you--I would contact your local ACLU for support
    Good luck
  9. by   PalmettoRN
    Thank you Ann, that is good advice. And I am sticking to my guns thus far. It is just a bad situation but one I wish to prevail in. I don't get the lack of support from the administration but....I guess that is why I have never been an administrator. thanks again
  10. by   Nurse Ratched
    Palmetto - more power to you - because that helps ALL of us. I wish you all the best in showing administration and the public that assault on health care workers *is* a crime and cannot be permitted. I'm sorry (but not surprised) you're getting the flak from your employer.
  11. by   jaimealmostRN
    I would hire a lawyer and counter sue for emotional distress...and have the police reports at the hearing (she punched you and then tried to blackmail you into dropping the charges), DO NOT let these people intimidate you...if the hospital fired you(or did something to your contract) I'd have a meeting with your lawyer and the mng't in the hospital, you have rights.
  12. by   TinyNurse
    call police and press charges...... there are laws to protect assault against health care professionals. xo Jen
  13. by   delta32
    I would press charges and as for the family threatening the hospital, on what grounds do they have? its not our job to kiss and make up for the hospital so that we take the fall. Just out of curiosity what was the situation that turned these people pycho? regaurdless they were inappropiate. plus they can threaten all they want but no lawyers going to pick it up unless there's grounds. BTW its a felony in NY

    take care!