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Does anyone have any info on TSYSTEM? Been almost 8 months in ESD and still loving it!!!! Most of the time, :roll... Read More

  1. by   marcyga
    We just implimented the T-system in our ED. I am a nurse, but also do quality improvement. So far so good!!! We use the system for the docs and the nurses. What a wonderful invention. The only problem we have encountered is getting the docs use to change. LOL
  2. by   traumaRUs
    We have EMSTAT (computerized charting) and the docs also use T-charts. T-charts are okay, but I like the computer much better - more legible, more complete, etc.
  3. by   athomas91
    our doc's use the t-sheets - however all nursing documentation is computerized and most of it is Y/N answers and then you can write extra if you want - it is much like a computerized t-sheet (which is avail) - i would love it if the doc's would get the computerized t-sheet then it would all be together - no paperwork to keep track of!
  4. by   Biscuit 23
    Quote from amk1964
    i'd like to learn more about it.
    You would probably want ECDS Empower instead. Fast and easy to use.
  5. by   Biscuit 23
  6. by   Im1ern2
    Used the t-system for nurses and our docs used it also. We have converted to the computerized form of T-system since late 2004. It is a great system, but only as great as the user. You can be as brief and vague as you want or as detailed as you want. At least everyone can point out bad grammar and wrong spelling. The only thing that I did not like was the lack of prompts to alert you to things, like locking a chart or charting on the wrong patient. But all in all it is a good tool.:spin:
  7. by   ffmedicrn
    Hi, we are using the T-system computer charting, seems to be going well. Takes a little getting used to, but seems to be more complete, easier to read. Both Dr's & Nurses are using it. Pt's have been very understanding during our changin process to this type of charting.
  8. by   luckylucyrn
    I love the T-sheets! We use it for the nursing staff and they are developing our T-sheets for our physicians now. When I was first out of orientation (a new nurse!) It really helped me remember questions to ask because they are complaint specific. Plus, I love being able just to go down the column and time when everything was done instead of doing a focus note on each thing. Then you are able to circle "pt tolerated" or there's a little spot to describe the urine you just got back from inserting a foley, etc. Ours are done on a color that is only used for those sheets, so they are easy to find in the charts and very concise. I also like the continuation sheet that has the section for titrating drips. You just fill in the vitals and the changes to the drips. Very nice. Looking forward to our physicians using them as well.