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I have asked this question on another site and have had no real response. What do you use for rapid sequence intubation dosing references. I have seen a dosing card on the internet and I am looking... Read More

  1. by   argos
    atropine is given to peds to dry oral secretions and prevent reflex bradycardia.
  2. by   CraigB-RN
    You'd be surprised at how little difference there actually is between the ED and the OR when it come to airway management. Although it accounts for a small percentage of patients, picture the crash c-cection, prolapsed cord, fetal heart rate dropping fast, and imagine the stress on the CRNA/MDA securing the airway on the patient that just stopped at the all you can eat buffet prior to doing all this. The AAA that keeled over at taco bell and needs to be fixed now. The pt (350 lbs) who swears that they've been NPO since midnight who proceeds to puke up a Denny's grand slam, just as you get ready to put in an LMA.

    The difference in the OR and the ER has nothing to do with controlled or uncontrolled, it has to do with how often it's done. If your an ED that does 5-6 RSI's a day they you get good at it and the stress level is low. If you do one a week, then it always looks like a major crisis. Being a senior RN who spent many years as a flight nurse, and having taken many different difficulty airway courses, Control has nothing to do with the environment or what part of the hospital you are in. Control is in the hands of the provider doing the airway.
  3. by   GilaRRT
    Wow, it's thread of the living dead back to haunt us with the ER versus OR debate. LOL
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    Gotta love the gravedig/resurrection action. LOL
  5. by   MissERN
    Hi ERNurse 1139...I too have worked in a small town ER for less than 2 years and have found this thread to be very interesting. Sometimes I feel like I have silly questions that I should know the answer to by now, but thankfully allnurses is, usually, a very friendly place to ask questions. Thank you Passgasser for sharing your knowledge...I've found it very helpful!! And thanks to everyone who takes time to answer questions.
  6. by   TheRealSquid
    I have a card from my education dept. that I could fax to you.