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Life in our ER is, no doubt, as busy and demanding as it is in yours. We work 12 hour shifts. I love the work. I love the pace. I do not, however, love both for hours on end without breaks. We... Read More

  1. by   onconurseRT
    Are there any other professions in the United States that encounter this same problem- no lunch, no potty, no drinks for 8-12 hours long? Does anyone know?
  2. by   JessicRN
    Quote from onconurseRT
    Are there any other professions in the United States that encounter this same problem- no lunch, no potty, no drinks for 8-12 hours long? Does anyone know?
    yes walmart and there is a class action suit against them.
  3. by   TinyNurse
    I loved working in california, because they had just one nurse to cover for breaks and lunches. long live the CNA
  4. by   nursejennie76
    I don't get a break in my twelve hour shifts. We usually get to eat, but it is at the desk and is usually interrupted. But this really does not bother me. I guess I am just weird??????????
  5. by   missionnurse
    I agree! In our ER, the smokers seem to get breaks all the time--no matter how insane a night it is! Those very nights are the ones in which I might not even go to the restroom for the first 8-9 hours of my 12 hour shift! Frustrating!
  6. by   LPN1974
    Well I don't work in an ER, but my boss used to tell me she didn't have to give me a break either. That she wasn't required to do so. Well, I told her that smokers at our facility get THEIR breaks, and we even have some workers who take "walk" breaks. Can you believe that? They actually are able to take the time while AT work to do their daily walks for their health.
    And the other day I saw several OFFICE workers riding bicycles around campus. Yes, Ma'am. Walkers and bicyclists, on a STATE job.

    Oh, yeah, she's going to give me a break. Most definitely.
    Several of em, whenever I want them, in fact.
    Right in the middle of med pass if I so desire.
    I wouldn't take an extended 30 minute break during med pass, but a bathroom break or if I'm hot/thirsty....oh, yeah, a 10 minute break right in middle of med pass, if I need it.

    And to the OP...if I were you I would also question that nurses in other departments get breaks but YOU don't just because you work in the ED?
    Get real. You all work for the same company/job.
    They can't give nurses in other departments certain benefits and tell you, that you don't qualify for/deserve the same benefits.
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  7. by   Victoriakem
    Not having a break, lunch or otherwise gets old after a while. It's a great way to lose weight though, running around not eating for several hours, but makes for a crouchy nurse with low blood sugar who has a hard time concentrating. I frequently bring a slim fast drink or bars to work with me & that helps, also Quaker oatmeal bars stay with you a long time. I can run back & take a quick bathroom break & then run back if need be but it would be heaven to be able to count on taking a break/lunch everyday. I figure I can do this for a while longer, then on to other things where I get to eat like a real person.....:bowingpur
  8. by   JessicRN
    Where I work if you work 0700-1930 you get one half hour break for lunch. If you work 1100 to 2330 you get 2 scheduled half hour breaks. If you work 1900 to 0700 you do not get a scheduled break but you get to leave 30 minutes earlier. :angryfire
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    dept of labor's wage-hour is where you will find info to support rights.

    healthcare link:

    as manager, i need to remind some staff constantly that work will always be there, they need to get up from desk and take 30-45 min lunch.
    one nurse always eats at desk, have it in writing that i told her to eat in our kitchen or go to office lunch room as she is set in ways for years in er when no break.

    if i know we are short due to sudden illness, will order lunch on me (no food budget) but in return have satisfied staff that overall enjoy their work and minimal fires to put out. severe stress---agency springs for pizza or sandwich wraps with just a word to my boss, the cfo---pays to have friends in high places.
  10. by   schoona

    I get more frustrated at the smokers. If you smoke, don't take too much offense, but I get frustrated at those who make it a priority to go outside to smoke, while others do not get such breaks (or are at least less likely to take them). Hence part of the reason our hospital is going smoke free next year (don't see it happening well, but it's supposed to). :uhoh21:[/QUOTE]

    I have to agree, the other night I was working with 3 nursing staff and an RMO who all smoked and were doing relays outside. I got so p****d off that I took a FRESH AIR break, they thought I was being petty. I just said fairs fair.
  11. by   danfif
    Just to let you know, you are the exception, and certainly not the rule when it comes to managers, and I commend you for that.

    There are very few managers that will take it upon themselfs to assure that there staff have either the breaks that they are by law allowed, or if in a staffing crunch to provide food for them.

    Sounds like your my kind of Boss, Hat's off to you!

    Peace Out,
  12. by   AZEMS
    I think we need to look at staff wellbeing along side patient safety.
  13. by   mysticalwaters1
    Jeeze, I just had an ER interview and right away in the first 10min the superivsor tells me it's very fast paced (ok) and people don't get their breaks a lot! I mean I am totally new to ER, and of course if it's busy or something more critical I may not get a break but to tell me outright many don't get breaks. I mean it was not technically "you can't have a break" and maybe I should be glad she's being honest to warn me before I get into it. I'm just concerned since I work 8 hours now and then to 12 hours with probably overtime as well and no break at times? I'll have to squeeze it somewhere. I guess I should buy a bunch of meal supplement bars!