Mistakes you'll never make, again.

  1. I thought a good topic for today would be changes in your practice due to things that have happened.

    I'll start with my most recent work experience.

    I don't care anymore what the pt says, even if they tell me they are currently on their period (unless there's documentation of hysterectomy) every female that comes in is getting a pregnancy test done prior to X-ray.

    While it wasn't directly related to me, I did triage on pt and hcg wasn't done prior to X-ray.. Even X-ray people question Pts and they may not be honest.
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  3. by   psu_213
    Push IV decadron...
  4. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    About 4 years ago I put the name of the wrong hospital on a resume. Embarrassing! (Didn't get a call back either, wonder why?)
  5. by   Sassy5d
    Quote from psu_213
    Push IV decadron...
    I don't like pushing any medications ha!
  6. by   limaRN
    Quote from Sassy5d

    I don't like pushing any medications ha!
    We push iv decadron as long as its done slowly...
  7. by   limaRN
    We push iv decadron as long as its done slowly...
  8. by   Sassy5d
    Quote from limaRN
    We push iv decadron as long as its done slowly...
    Ya I'm big at diluting in small ns bag lol
  9. by   BSNbeauty
    -Pushed reglan too fast. Pt. had reaction. For now on, I'm pushing ALL IV meds slow, unless I'm in a Code or something.
  10. by   RNFiona
    We push IV decadron in ED all the time....
  11. by   RNFiona
    I RECEIVED IV Reglan too fast. That sucked. My hands got " stuck" . They looked like little claws. Good times.
  12. by   RNFiona
    When I was a new grad there was an order for Demerol 50mg/Vistaril 25mg IVP. And I gave it. Pharmacy caught the order and then saw that I had given it. Vistaril IV big no-no. No harm came to the pt but I definitely never did THAT again.
  13. by   glutton4punishment
    I will NEVER assume that a female is not pregnant.