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  1. glutton4punishment

    Mistakes you'll never make, again.

    I will NEVER assume that a female is not pregnant.
  2. glutton4punishment

    Lazy techs!!!!!

    All CA's where I work are union. It's really a shame. I feel like ours are either REALLY good, or totally suck. There is no in between where I work. I have never, and i really mean, NEVER, seen employees work harder at NOT working than I have at this job. This, however, is with any occupation. I don't think it has anything to do with the "CA" title, more than it has to do with the person. People either take pride in doing a good job, or they don't. Period.
  3. glutton4punishment

    Has anyone ever worked for Rhode Island Hospital ER?

    Never even heard of it, but you will be awesome! I went to the ER 1 year ago with only long term acute care experience...and I LOVE IT! You have an amazing opportunity to learn new things, and I bet with your experience, you will pick it up in no time. Good luck to YOU!
  4. glutton4punishment

    I'm nervous!!!

    I have never known of anyone to fail it. You will be fine :) Good luck
  5. glutton4punishment

    shots to peds

    I typically give kids their IM injections in the thigh. It's a large muscle, and usually can give quickly in this area.
  6. glutton4punishment

    Whats your biggest pet peeve working in the ED?

    1. The general lack of responsibility that people have for their own healthcare. Somewhere, somehow, people (generally speaking) feel that they should get free healthcare. I don't understand this. This is America, like it or not, we are a capitalist society. Your healthcare is not free. 2. Patients that get all ****** about the wait time. Actually, this should be #1. OMG. What is so difficult to understand? You are in the EMERGENCY department. The only time you will not wait for several hours is if you are a trauma. So be thankful! If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me, "how long will it take?" AAAAAHHHHHHH. 3. When the friends or family members start telling me about their own ailments. So annoying. 4. Crazy people and drug addicts. I know, i know, you think i'm an a-hole. I just don't empathize with them. I try to change myself, i really really try. I just feel like a lot of these people need a good spanking. 5. Babies that die. Thanks for reading my vent. I love my job!
  7. glutton4punishment

    Vent: "I should warn you, I'm a tough stick..."

    Yep. EVERYONE says it where I work as well. I am only 6 months in ER, and when I first started, it made me all self conscious until I realized that more often than not, my patients immediately tell me that. For some reason, some people enjoy it when they are a hard stick, I don't get it. Maybe it makes them feel special or whatever..or maybe that's just my perception of it. Anyway, yes! It cracks me up now when someone says that. And just to continue agreeing with the OP, some patients actually are a REALLY hard stick. Especially the ESRD folks. BTW, do y'all use lidocaine freely? I have never once used it. If it's a child that is around the 6-7 year old range, I will put EMLA cream on. I really don't like that age because they are old enough to understand, but not really understand and it traumatizes them.
  8. glutton4punishment

    What do you hate seeing the MOST in the ER!?

    If I am well rested, I can usually handle all of the annoying crap like drunks, frequent flyers, kids, traumas, etc.... However, I *******' can't stand it when the family is there and they start telling me about all their own health issues. Or the sister makes a comment every time I do something, "oh, my veins are so bad, they had to stick me 3 times!" Or when they run out to the nurses station every time their loved one sniffles. AAAAAHHHHHH. That drives me CRAZIER :)
  9. glutton4punishment

    Do you use a "code name" for psych

    Our description for psych/HI/SI people is "Med G" What do you call them?
  10. glutton4punishment

    You know its a seeker when . . .

    Allergic to zofran, toradol, tylenol, ibuprofen......... DILALA
  11. glutton4punishment

    What Colored Scrubs Do You Wear?

    aw, poor thing. All white? I would be dirty
  12. glutton4punishment

    What Colored Scrubs Do You Wear?

    Doing some research on the most popular scrub colors for nurses.....We wear Royal Blue. What color do you wear?
  13. glutton4punishment

    After my 12, I just want to go home! RANT

    I totally agree with you. I feel the exact same way. I think it's the facility that you work in...When my shift is over, I want to go home. I know there are people that can work 16 hour shifts, and I am NOT one of those people. Like you said, EVERY ONCE in a while to stay late is fine, but EVERY freakin' shift! It is absurd, and I feel your pain.
  14. glutton4punishment

    night shift question

    wow, if nights are affecting you that adversely, you should change shifts asap. I worked nights for a few months, long enough to get used to it, and long enough to realize that it def. takes a toll on your body.
  15. glutton4punishment

    Is it illegal to initial when.....

    CNA's do your treatments? Hmm. I personally don't work in LTC, but I would never initial for something that I didn't do.
  16. glutton4punishment

    Today I'm thankful for...

    I am sooo thankful that I am on the "listening" side of the stethoscope ...and that you started this great thread to remind me:yeah: