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Does your facility require you to wear a certain color scrubs for your unit, and if so, do they provide them, or give a clothing allowance? Our ER is talking about requiring nurses to wear one... Read More

  1. by   nursetim
    My 2 cents fwiw, he who pays the piper calls the tune. I mean if the hospital pays then they get to say what color or style. If I have to pay I get to were whatever I want. :angel2:
  2. by   mommatrauma
    Yes, we wear mandated colors, just started this past month...ER nurses wear one techs another color...and so on...they bought us 2 sets...the rest is up to us...doesn't matter to me either way...less thinking when I get dressed and I don't have to worry about whether my tops and bottoms actually was a pretty easy transition...and it really is easier to tell who is who, especially being in such a big department...I can't spot our CT tech or resp therapist from a mile away now...
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  3. by   Peg804
    Currently I can wear whatever color scrubs I want, but there is talk of some sort of color designation either for each unit, or for each title-RN, LPN, Tech secretary. Not sure how union will respond-we do not get a uniform allowance now. Most nurses wear scrubs, although I know of 2 RN's who wear a white dress uniform-and they are against any color designation. The last hospital I worked at did try this-we were maroon in the ED, units were surg green, ob was pink, etc. not too bad initially, until you got pulled to another unit, or changed departments, and then there were the male nurses. We did get a 100 uniform there, but then that ended, and so did the color designation.
  4. by   ImaERtraumaRN
    Our policy went hospital-wide today.

    Nursing - White, Ceil blue (not a combination - either/or)
    CNA - teal
    Housekeeping - wine
    respiratory - royal blue

    Not sure about everyone else

    All I know is that white and ER doesn't seem to go together AT ALL!
  5. by   needsmore$
    ED color codes-
    Nurses- white scrub on top- any warm up jacket must be white- any color bottom ( we decided to buy men's PJ bottoms at Walmart real cheap to add a little personality-but we stay away from the harley davidson/beer bottle pant designs)

    ED techs- misty grey

    Unit clerk- navy blue

  6. by   *PICURN*
    At our hospital, all the CNA's wear maroon scrub tops (with either black or tan pants)

    The only nurses that are required to be color-coded are the ER nurses, who have to wear all royal blue

    The hospital bought 2 pairs for each person, the rest you have to pay for
  7. by   TinyNurse
    At vandy we have to wear royal blue and only a white shirt showing underneath. shoes don't matter. no, they don't provide them..........
    i have no idea what i will have to wear when i move to houston.
    xo Jen
  8. by   ERNurse752
    We work nekkid. Keeps the patients away.
  9. by   kaycee
    We are color coded per unit. In the ER we wear black. I didn't think I would like it, but it actually looks pretty nice. You can wear any color print top, but you have to have black pants. Years ago when we wore blues, they were hospital provided. As soon as we picked our own colors, we were on our own. We have never been provided a uniform allowance. At least I can keep all my receipts and use it as a tax deduction.
  10. by   casper1
    In my hospital Nurses are required to wear all white or white top navy bottom. The weather in rochester is messy 80% of the year I think white is not practical. It's impossible to keep white clean.

    I miss wearing colors especiallly this time of year. After a long cold winter I think wearing some color improves you spirits. We have to pay for our own uniforms. I think their should be some flexibility on occasion
  11. by   kat911
    On January 1 we went to colored scrubs for our hospital. RN's in navy, Lvn's in columbia blue and Tech's in teal. The hospital spent a year preparing for this change over because of the unhappy staff. The first two pairs were provided then you are on your own, for staff level only. We do have payroll deduction available but you have to buy from the contract company which only sells Crest. :uhoh21: Of course it doesn't help the situatin much if everyone in other departments can wear these same colors. Why bother if the colors weren't going to be exclusive.
  12. by   RRN
    Quote from ManEnough
    Thank you for saying that. At the facility I work at, it's nearly impossible to tell the CNAs from the LVNs from the RNs from the MDs from the lawyer visiting her sick cousin. Name badges are supposed to serve this purpose but the vast majority of them are facing the wrong way or covered in stickers and pins. Love the idea of being able to instantly tell who's who.
    Does the hospital issue a color code for the patient???

    We were gonna do colors in a hospital I used to work at.. The Chief of Sugery was color blind loll... :kiss
  13. by   Chel
    Quote from NativeTexan
    Does your facility require you to wear a certain color scrubs for your unit, and if so, do they provide them, or give a clothing allowance? Our ER is talking about requiring nurses to wear one color, techs one color...etc. However, the rumor is, we are going to have to pay for them ourselves. I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

    My facility requires that nurses wear white pants and their hideous print top, or white uniforms. If we go with all white we're supposed to wear a cap....which we don't. All other departments wear white too. You're required to supply your own.

    They're talking about changing though. Different colors for different departments. A committee has been formed to make the decision....none of them nurses though. Go figure.