Lowest blood sugar...?

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    I've been a type 1 diabetic for ~25 years. I'm 32 now and in excellant control. I'm curious..what's the lowest blood sugar you've ever measured? My lowest has been 27 and I was coherent.

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  3. by   unc005

    I've been a Type 2 diabetic since 8/3/04 (diagnosed that day, anyway)--and am on two oral hypoglycemic agents (metformin and glyburide). The lowest I've ever registered (and been coherent too) was 38--and I didn't even feel a thing...<SIGH>. VERY scary though--and I suffer hypoglycemia A LOT (primarily at bedtime/nighttime)--but because of my meds (well the glyburide), I am a meal skipper, AND I DON'T/WON'T eat a bedtime snack/'cover myself' in that regard. I just CAN'T 'force myself' to eat before bedtime...LOL. <SIGH> GRR! I've NEVER been a nighttime snacker. My Mom on the other hand--sheesh! My Dad was bad to do it too. <SIGH>

    Also, as 'irony' would have it (I say that because you started this particular thread)--I had my diabetes follow-up today with my family physician. LOL...anyway, take care! I'm interested to see what 'evolves'!

  4. by   Mississippi_RN
    Lowest BS I ever saw was 11 mg/dl on newborn and 32 on adult. NB was fine...shaky but got some D10 and was fine. Adult was a little out of it (still conscious) but was in a cold drenchy sweat. Gave her some D50.
  5. by   pricklypear
    I've seen some in the 30 range in someone still concious. The lowest I've seen measured in someone was 6 (they were NOT concious!)
  6. by   bsugaRN2b
    LOL, interesting thread, this...

    I've been diabetic for 15 years and I'm 20 y/o...the honest answer to the question is I don't know...or let's put it this way - the meter read "LO", which means it was less than 20 mg/dl, and by some miracle, I was conscious...interesting day that was!

    ~Adria : )
  7. by   grinnurse
    The lowest BS I have ever seen on a patient was 25 and that was just last week. It was an elderly gentleman in his early 90's and other than becoming a little confused, he had no other symptoms. Had to admin 50 amps of D50. I am a new nurse and this is the first time I had seen this so it really scared me!!!! Not to mention the fact that he came back with a totally useless IV from ER so had to start one. Hope it is a long time before I see that again!!
  8. by   Shastalee99
    My mother's was 10. Yep, 10. It was scary. One minute she was talking and the next she was stirring dishwashing gloves in a soup pot like it was soup. I noticed it and thought she was hypoglycemic. She started tremoring and her mucsles got rigid and tightened intermitantly. It was so scary. I'll never forget it. The ambulance came after I called 911 and was put on hold 2x. (!) and couldn't get a vein. I was freaking out. I told them wear to go and he got all offended like I'm a moronic bystander. Finally after 20 more minutes he got it. My mom passed away 2 days later. This was last summer. Since then, I get nervous arounf pts c DM. I know I need to get over it, but if I didn't see the signs inmy ownmother, maybe I'm not safe enough for a pt c DM right now. I'm still in school, graduating in May God willing. I'll get past it eventually though.
  9. by   cariad
    it was a lady with 12 she had a siezure and of course we had to give an iv push of d50.
  10. by   JBudd
    Had some pusher selling "valium" on the streets a few years ago, only it was an oral hypoglycemic that happened to be blue, a lookalike. Had several people come in less than 20. One woman was less than 2, still had heartbeat and resps, but nothing much else.
  11. by   Spearfisher
    I am an RN studant and work as an ACP on the weekends. 1 month ago I was freaked out at a BS of 22. Then 2 weeks ago I go into a lady's room. She's unresponsive, but breathing. I see her uneaten lunch. I take her BS and it just says "LO". I know it is at least under 22 from previous and O chit. D50 on the way. She's OK now.
  12. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    I had one lady with a bloodsugar of 19, I had figured she was hypoglycemic because when I checked on her, she was cool and very diaphoretic, still conscious but very confused and slow to respond. I called an ambulance and gave her sub-Q Glucagon, her CBG was 26 when they arrived and 82 after IV glucose. Interestingly enough, she refused to go to the ER for eval, so we just watched her like a hawk the rest of the shift.

    Depending on the CBG machine, a reading of "Lo" does not always mean a low blood sugar, I had that happen once and panicked, giving glucose gel, sugared OJ etc. Turns out that the machine would say "Lo" meaning low battery. The lady's CBG was actually well above 200. I know better now!
  13. by   CEN35
    Lowest was mid 30's male, found passed out at home, diabetic (can't remember if he was insulin or non?) blood sugar of "7", temp 30.1 degrees celsius, b/p 240/115. D50W 1 amp IV, D5NSS, with 1 amp MVI, 2 gmas Mag, 100mg thiamine, with a bair hugger and warm fluids, gastric lavage, came to the next day. No permanent injury.

    Oh yeah ETOH was .39

  14. by   ClaireMacl
    Yet another thread where I wish I knew about US nursing! Our BMs go from 1mmol to 30 mmol, otherwise its low or high, above 11 is concidered high and below 4 is concidered low.

    No doubt soon we will be on US standards, our drugs have recently started changing - adrenaline to epinephrine and frusemide to ferosemide, but for now, I remain confuddled, lol.