I accepted a job offer :)

  1. Last Wednesday, I went for an interview at the hospital I had been the most interested in.

    After my interview, they offered me a position as an ER/ICU Nurse to start June 1st. I will be 1/2 and 1/2 ER/ICU for 3 months while on orientation, then I will be working full time in Emergency.

    I will be working 7pm-7am, and every 3rd weekend. They offered to pay me more than what my recruiter had even mentioned, so that was a nice surprise! I will be able to chip my student loans down a little faster, as I am hoping to get them paid off in 5 years instead of 10.

    I am excited, and really looking forward to starting. I have never worked over nights before, so that will be new as well. I am interested to see how my body adjusts to sleeping during the day. Will I be able to sleep at night on my days off? Lots of questions, and I wish June would be here sooner

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  3. by   nightingale

    Congratulations are in order! You deserve the best with all your hard work! You sound like an exceptional student and you will make an exceptional nurse!

    As for adjusting to nights. I never did, to be honest. But talk to those who were successful. I had to keep readjusting to days because of my family. I have heard that some vitamin regimines
    really help. I used to drink Ginsing and have found (recently) on long drives that taking 600 mg. of Gingko Bibola really keeps me alert without the jitters.

    Good Luck to you!

  4. by   JMP

    Congratulations........... I have just started in a ICU setting after 6 months on a surg floor and it is very exciting. They do things a little differently here......two weeks of nights and then two weeks of days......all 12 hour shifts.

    To be honest, nights are HARD. I am considerably older than you, but I know lots of young ones that find the nights tough too.

    I used foil to cover my windows in the bedroom, but then ripped it down when summer came and I wanted to open the window!

    I bought ear plugs but never used them because they bugged me too much......... some nurses I know take tylenol or gravol to help them sleep, but I don't want to start doing that........some say them come home and drink a beer.........but again I don't want to do that. I find the whole night thing a real drag.......and either you love it or hate it. I know studies have shown shorter life spans for shift workers and much higher sick times.......but when you are a nurse..what can you do? The best advice I every got and will pass on to you......TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, drink lots of water, stay away from caffine and be good to yourself. Get extra rest, don't demand too much from yourself on your days off.

    Good luck

  5. by   kaycee
    Glad to hear it, I know this is what you've been waiting for.
    I've been in ER for almost 20yrs. You're gonna love it. Take your time, find a good preceptor and act like a sponge and soak up all the information you can.
    If you are going to work steady 7a-7p you will adjust but it will take time. Be patient. Alot of people really like thay shift.
    Congratulations and my best wishes to you.

  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Good luck with your first job! Little concerned as a new nurse being oriented to TWO totally different worlds, but I know you'll ask questions first! Can you do any work as an aide in either of these areas prior to graduation...or even volunteer there on Christmas break? It would make things so much easier to know the lay of the land prior to starting in the spring.

    Re nights...worked 10 years 11p-7AM. Make sure phone turned off in your room, answering machine in another room to take messages. Take veggies and some carbs for 3-4 AM drag time.
    I'm use to no caffiene tea and sodas, so would have 1 cup caffinated beverage to perk me up if needed. Also Ginko Biloba works for me too.

    Set up a routine that works for you. I'd run errands at 8 AM or watch 1/2hr relaxing TV show. Pull the drapes then sleep by 9:30 at latest, up at 5 PM have dinner + time with hubby (before kids). If I worked doubles (occasionally), come straight home to sleep then get up 45 min before time to get to work.
    After kids, slept 3-4 hrs, played with kids then slept 3-4 hrs in evening before work. Expect working 12hr shifts, they often turn into 14 hrs if busy. Don't schedule anything but sleep after a 3 or 4 day stretch.
  7. by   canoehead
    Re night shifts, my advice;

    dark curtains, a fan, an answering machine, turn off phone

    I read a book to put me to sleep, and if I can't sleep well getting wound about it just makes it worse. Lie there with your eyes closed and let your mind drift, and DO NOT, DO NOT keep glancing at the clock. Put a towel, or a mask over your eyes so they must stay shut even if you are actually awake- sometimes this will fool your body into thinking it is asleep, and eventually it will give in ( )

    I never drink coffee because I want to make a point of having something to fall back on during the nights when you feel like you just can't make it til morning. Now, a little caffeine works wonders, I am less worried about sleeping, and consequently sleep better.

    I know lots of people who self medicate in the am, but that seems to me a scary road to start going down. But after 11 y of night shift I also admit that I can fall asleep any time with my book and my towel over my eyes. The first year was horrible, I'd wake at noon, and get all keyed up on nerves, thinking about all the bad stuff that I could be faced with that night. Just cut yourself a little slack and take things slow, you'll do fine.
  8. by   ERNurse752
    I graduated in May, and I did an internship that was 8 weeks in the ER and then 8 weeks in the cardiovascular recovery room. I decided to stay in the ER, and I've been back there since October. I went to nights about a month ago, and I like it. It was my choice to go to nights -- I'm a night owl kind of person though, which helps. I hate going to bed early, and I hate getting up early. My bf works late too, so that works out too. Some of the above suggestions are good: turn the phone off, dark curtains, fan, etc. There are some inconveniences to working nights, but overall I like it. It seems that night people are more laid back and easy to get along with than some day people too...just something I've noticed in general. Plus, you get paid more.
    Graduation and June will get here more quickly than you think! Enjoy your last days as a student!
  9. by   KRVRN
    I agree with the other posts regarding getting to sleep. You really do get used to sleeping during the day. As for sleeping at night on your nights off... When you get home in the morning, don't sleep all day, as you would if you had to go back to work that next night. Try to go to bed right away and sleep for 4 hours or so. You'll probably be able to sleep that night if you don't have anything caffeinated when you get up. Sometimes benadryl helps me to sleep at night that first night after being on. That way, if I'm not working for a few days, I'll probably go to sleep just fine the NEXT night.

    With no children to take care of, you tend to become a night owl and late sleeper. At first you feel like you're either sleeping ALL the time or NOT AT ALL.

    Some nurses with busy lives try to sleep just a little while before and between shifts. Be careful with that because even though you are wide awake and busy at work, you still have to drive yourself home in the morning! Many of my coworkers (including myself) have admitted to being awful damn close to falling asleep at the wheel. Dangerous dangerous dangerous!
  10. by   ERNurse752
    Check this out:


    It's from www.enw.org (Emergency Nursing World)

    Pretty cool stuff!