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For all those ER/Trauma nurses, how do you manage to get a Trauma RN position immediately after nursing school? My passion is trauma, and am very interested in working in a Level 1 Trauma Center, and... Read More

  1. by   HarleyGrandma
    I was also interested in working in the ED/Trauma when I started nursing school. I joined a volunteer rescue squad and got my state and national EMT certification. Running rescue has been invaluable to my nursing studies, especially my assessment skills. In addition to allowing me to meet and work with the staff of the hospitals in my area, and see how they each are run. This training and volunteer effort has helped me in my application process for new grad programs too. Plus I know I'm going to be a better nurse because of my pre-hospital training and experience (there's a lot that goes on before they roll into the ED!)
    Go for it~
  2. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from PeakRN
    No, I prefer to do our prehospital outreach and community prevention programs.
    I do those as well - I love my job, always something different!
  3. by   nursemaryzzel
    I did a new grad RN program (StaRN apprenticeship...ive seen some talk abt it on this website) offered by a hospital mega-giant in my state. That is a good, surefire way to start in a specialty program. They do, however, only take the best of the best. So keep that GPA up and make good friend with for proffessors.
  4. by   ~♪♫ in my ♥~
    Quote from KeeperMom
    and being comfortable being yelled at by that trauma doc
    While being just as comfortable speaking with said trauma doc afterwards and setting clear boundaries and expectations about appropriate communication in trauma codes.
  5. by   keeperduck01
    I knew going into Nursing school that I had a deep interest in the ER, especially with my EMT experience, but it wasn't solidified until I did a co-op in one of the local hospitals. I got to do part of my Practicum hours my last term in the same department with the same preceptor. Through that experience I had the opportunity to talk to the manager of the department about the possibilty of working there after school. Shortly after I graduated I had my interview and was hired to start once I passed the NCLEX. It sounds like you don't have much time before you graduate, but I would try to get as much time as possible doing whatever you can where you want to work. Also look into what the requirements are for working in that department. For instance, I absolutely LOVE the ED but I also have a longer term goal to work as a flight nurse some day which require some ICU experience.
    I wish you all the best with your endeavor and don't give up on something that you want to do.
  6. by   DestineeRN,BSN
    You need to research the level I trauma centers and find out if they hire new grads in your area. My town has two level I trauma centers that hire new grads in the ER. They train you for your trauma certification. You made need to relocate.
  7. by   mswrk9
    Quote from PeakRN
    The other option is to look at state numbers for traumas, compare it to the ED's annual volume (trauma is a ratio, the ED nurses who are caring for the baby with a fever or discharging a belly pain are not in that trauma room) and apply at those hospitals.
    Do you know where you can find the state numbers for traumas information? I have been searching my states gov website and googling but I am lost. This was a great idea and I wanted to check it out. Thank you!
  8. by   PeakRN
    Quote from mswrk9
    Do you know where you can find the state numbers for traumas information? I have been searching my states gov website and googling but I am lost. This was a great idea and I wanted to check it out. Thank you!
    Reach out the the state trauma registries. We have to report all of our trauma criteria patients.
  9. by   HarleyGrandma
    Be sure to request to shadow a nurse at any facility you apply to also, it can be very helpful. I thought I wanted to work at the level I hospital, but now I'm leaning towards accepting the new grad residency at the level II center instead (because I liked the team feel so much more). Best of luck!
  10. by   sisiRN
    Persistency... I went "knocking" in about 7 different facilities HR department with my resume and kept emailing for follow up.
  11. by   AnnieOaklyRN

    I got an ER job as a new grad because I had worked there previously like 20 years ago fresh out of high school as an ER tech and also I had EMS background which really helped!

    Other new grads that were hired were previously ER techs or had worked in EMS, I never saw them hire anyone without either of those.

  12. by   Sally Jane
    I got my ER position, because there was lots of staff leaving at the same time.
  13. by   knight-
    Do hospitals hire or at least train nurses for the ED who has the CEN, but has zero ER/EMT/ER tech experience?