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Hello, I am new to all nurses as a poster. Have been looking at posts for a year or so. Anyway, my coworkers and I were having a disscussion of the highest BP we have ever seen. We had a pt come... Read More

  1. by   kmoonshine
    Quote from rlgiv
    A few months back I had a pt we where giving TPA after a stroke. She bled out and died with a pressure that was 270's over 150's. She was completely alert and oriented when it happened and I was actually talking to her when it happened.
    If you don't mind me asking - why wasn't her BP treated prior to TPA use? I thought TPA was generally contraindicated in patients with a BP >185/110...
  2. by   potatomasher
    The highest BP I've read from a patient was 210/130... :S
  3. by   emtb2rn
    While checking the monitor bank the other day saw 269/101. Not mine, other side of the ED, so don't know the story.
  4. by   msaaaz
    250/140 last year
  5. by   Christy1019
    a week ago i was in resus and prelim brought back a lady who walked in then passed out and coded, dialysis pt, don't know the total history but after we stablized her and she went to cat 1 she went up to 340/210 after a few rounds of labetalol! i heard they brought it down to 280/140, i didn't even know a bp that high was possible!
  6. by   bndmack
    I had never had any problems w/ my bp before but two days after I had my second child, the nurse came checked my bp and it read 220/ 92
  7. by   getoverit
    360/250. 45 y.o. obese gentleman who overdosed on crack cocaine. he was having a brisk cerebral bleed and we obtained that pressure with an a-line. we could only obtain diastolic pressures with a manual cuff. he only lived about 45 minutes after becoming unresponsive.

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