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  1. by   mandymoo21085
    Shpos- Sub Human Piece Of SH#@
  2. by   mandymoo21085
    We Refer To Some Of OuR Doctors As Bob--- Big O Baby
  3. by   JessicRN
    this is not an acronym but we no longer say ETOH or drank we say "overserved'
  4. by   blue49
    An Er doc i used to work with said when he was first out of school (years ago) they used to write on the bottom of selected charts.......FOAD=f**k off and die.....Bad i know. Also one we used especially when a babe or child was brought to er, obviously not acutely ill.....they suffered from DMS=dumb mother syndrome and were there for a *well checkup*
    another we had to use too frequently was........shallow gene pool or puddle.
    a patient coming by ems.....true story, unconscious but breathing=butt breather.....

    Amber.......i do so understand your feelings and i to do not want these acronyms attached to my loved ones, but unfortunately when life stops it stops. After a few years as a nurse you will understand these stress relievers and they are not charted or said in front of anyone but peers, but do pick which peers have a sense of humor and which ones do not......and that comes from experience.

    Jessica i loved overserved,it is so PC ina great way.
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  5. by   teamlewis17
    Quote from NurseFirst
    ...only it's called "Final Exit"

    The book I'm writing is Suicide for dummies.
  6. by   teamlewis17
    Quote from Krysten
    HHS=hysterical hispanic syndrome

    We use this for the ones who are crying like they just lost their loved one but came to the er for a runny nose.
    Here in the San Fernando Valley we call it HP - hispanic panic
  7. by   milky
    PITA: Pain in the A**
  8. by   blue49
    oh i forgot.......scc=suicide completion course........sorry
  9. by   sanctuary
    Anybody mention "psycho-ceramic"? (crackpot) or "Toxic sock syndrome"= smell given off by bare feet of street people.
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  10. by   1happygirl
    This is a great thread and all are very funny. Not ER specific, but in a hospital I worked in, the cath area and others (not especially funny, but..) crumped = deceased. I have my elderly parents & friends now using the lingo. I think that is the most fun.
  11. by   Queen of the E.R.
    To Stupid To Be Alive!!
  12. by   katrina, rn
    our favorites are:
    B & T cocktail: benadryl and thorazine for our chronic migraines that are in there EVERY DAY!!
    AAD: Acute ativan deficiency
    DRT: dead right there
    AMF: adios mother f*****
    SPS: stupid parent syndrome
  13. by   ERNurse06
    Sm - Sh*t Magnet!!