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I took care of a guy once who had an injury to the third toe and complete amputation of the fourth toe. When asked how this injury occurred......"I was using my twelve gauge shot gun to kill moles in... Read More

  1. by   ISeeURN
    Quote from DNRme
    Had a 50 something man come in after thinking that the vacuum might be pleasant to use "you know where." Unfortunately, he didn't use the hose of the shop-vac, thought there would be better suction if he was closer to the motor. He's not half the man he used to be. Wound up somehow being picked up by national news service!! (yes, ETOH was involved)
    During Nursing School Days, on one of the Night shift rotations in Germany... I am NOT making this up.... Sunday night we had a father bringing in his son, and attached vacuum . Well, the evil household machinery was removed, and everyone was sent back home (with household appliance - unattached). The next night, you would not believe it, here is the father, without son, but with Hoover.... guess he had to try if he had any more luck with the suctioning device.
  2. by   teeituptom
    Quote from ISeeURN
    During Nursing School Days, on one of the Night shift rotations in Germany... I am NOT making this up.... Sunday night we had a father bringing in his son, and attached vacuum . Well, the evil household machinery was removed, and everyone was sent back home (with household appliance - unattached). The next night, you would not believe it, here is the father, without son, but with Hoover.... guess he had to try if he had any more luck with the suctioning device.

    Surpised some Lawyer didnt find grounds for a Lawsuit in there, somewhere
  3. by   Bolts
    Hi All,
    Just registed but I have been reading this post for a while now. I didn't treat this one but I did see the end result. Take 3 drunken sailors, one car, one wheeled office chair, and a length of rope.

    Add speed and stupidity and you come to two conclusions, the wheels on the office chair will melt and come off at speed. the other is the road surface will strip skin.
  4. by   BBFRN
    Here's one we got a few days ago: Guy is mowing lawn with a push mower, and trips in a small hole. His fall is broken by his crotch, which hits the mower handle really, really hard. He comes to our ED with a big ole contusion to his groin area- ouch. Everything was fine until we got to the discharge. We have a program that automatically prints out instructions when you put in the Dx, etc. Well, his Dx was Severe Contusion. His instructions were to "Keep the extremity elevated above the heart as much as possible to relieve swelling and throbbing." After reading that to him, we both had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. I guess that's what I get for not tweaking his instructions to reflect his special

    On a side note, he said he thinks there were no witnesses to his accident, but when he thought about it, it must've looked really hilarious.
  5. by   teeituptom
    Spring time is here. In various parts of the country people do all sorts of wierd things here in Texas. The annual spring festivities besides tanning booths haha. is that all the young bucks imbibe a little alcohol and try to amaze the young Does with their stupity aka "Car Surfing" standing on the top of a car while it takes off and swerves all over. Needless to say they all end up surfing into the ER via EMS. Road Rash, fractured extremities, dislocations, cervical injuries, shull fracture. You can look forward to it every spring.

    Now next month we get all the warm weather swimming pool injuries. Again young bucks leaping off roofs into 4 feet of water, only lasts for a month then it dies off till next year and it starts all over again.

    as an old song said

    "When will they ever learn"
  6. by   hollyster
    I was working EMS. We got a call of two minors being stuck uknown circumstances. My unit was also the heavy extrication, search team. We pulled out two trucks and ambulance and the didtrict chief. I was wondering just how the two minors got stuck that we needed with the whole brigrade.
    As we arrived on the scene, they sent me in first( their excuse was that I was the smallest) I went through a window. We could not wait for law enforcement. I could immeadiately see the minors. I comforted them and got the guys. I did a quick brief just so the guys would be able to control themselves. I was on the verge of hysterics and I knew once the guys came in it was going to get worse.
    The "stuck minors" were a teenage boy and girl. Apparently the young couple were in the middle of oral games and the girl's wires on her braces broke and pierced the young man in a vital place. To add insult to injury the wire curved around and back into the vital place. We could not get permission to cut the wire (Could you imagine the look if one of the extrication guys came in with the jaws of life.) Since we could not transport them seperately, we placed them on the strechter and threw sheets over them. I had never seen so many ER personell in one room. The parents arrived and LEA was trying to keep them sperated. It turned out the fathers were hysterical but the moms did not think it was so funny. The kids were fine besides the terminal embrassment. The little boy had to get IV ABX and was very black and blue and the girl had a cut on the corner of her lip.
    As soon as rescue cleared the hsp, we could not stop laughing. Dispatch could not understand a word the EMT was saying because he could not catch his breath.
  7. by   student4ever
    :chuckle I think this must be a kid thing... I have a story of my own to share. When I was maybe 6 or 7, I was obsessed with crutches, wheelchairs and the like. My dad (for some unknown reason) had acquired one of those big wooden spools that are used to keep electrical lines/wires all rolled up. I saw it laying on it's side (where it could roll around) and thought to myself, "hey, that could work like a wheelchair - as long as I scoot back as I roll around so as not to roll forward with the spool!" So I start rolling around, happy as a lark cause here I am with my very own wheelchair, and I feel so special! When that got boring, I decided to go backwards - anybody laughing yet??? :chuckle Well, as most people can probably guess, when I started rolling backwards, I forgot to move my body forward so I wouldn't roll around, and the concrete patio met the back of my skull with enough force that I saw stars. I was so embarrassed I didn't even tell my mom what happened - I just went and said I had a headache, could I go lie down? My distracted mother said sure honey, go lie on my bed (covered with a white bedspread). Fortunately she looked up and saw the blood gushing everywhere from the 5cm lac on the back of my head before I lay down on her antique cover! 12 stitches, a concussion, and a cool pic of my scalp laid open to the skullbone later, I vowed to never do something so stupid again... until I found a pair of crutches in the garage....
  8. by   lpnstudentin2010
    When I was about five I was walking through a parking lot...I was turned around backward to talk to another person I was with...I turned the right way around just in time to slam my head into the wing mirror of a car...and I was just the right height to slam it on my forehead right near my benign tumor (which attracts blood anyway since that is what it survives on) I got this huge swelling on my head where I collided. Lucky for us I had a plastic surgeon because of the tumor and so we could be seen quickly...though we did not go for awhile not till the swelling got mom used to be a nurse and never thinks anything is that she gave me a children's pain reliever and sent me to plastic surgeon had to remove blood from the swelling and I had to then where a bandage around it for two weeks to stop the swelling from returning
  9. by   estuh
    This lady came in the ED, wanted some oral analgesics because she had a nagging pain around the perineum. when asked what may had caused it, she said she had gone for a sex tournament with her boyfriend over the weekend, and now that she was going back to her hubby, didn't want him to doubt the 'visit to her folks.'
  10. by   tbinghamlpn
    Quote from kids-r-fun
    I saw this a few years ago while sitting in the ER waiting area. I have no clue why I was there (if you knew my kids you would understand, we've been there a lot).

    Anyway, we ended up striking up a conversation with the lady sitting next to us.
    She was there with her husband who was in back, being treated.
    Apparently, they were having a "heated" discussion while eating Chinese and he bit off the end of his tongue.
    When they were leaving I heard her laugh and said something to the effect of "thats what you get for arguing with me". She chuckled all the way out the door with him saying..."thut up, juth thut up".

    I had a patient once, well actually it was my husband. He was hit in the mouth by a horse head and required 15 stitches in the TONGUE. That is what I told him, next time he would not back talk me.
  11. by   BamaBound2bRN
    While living in Ft. Lauderdale in early 1990's, a local TV news personality went to the ER when her "Personal Toy" got stuck somewhere. When the news finally hit...........about an hour after her discharge.........her publicist swore she didn't know how the "Accident" happened.
  12. by   jenna_rn
    This isn't really funny.. but somehow it fits. We had a woman come in who ended up having a vag tear....apparently she and her husband we experimenting with sex toys and things got a little out of hand. she never would divluge what they "toy" was!
  13. by   ToryAdore
    a "toy"...? Umm...maybe it was Mattels East Bake Oven. That'll do it