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Hi All, I just wanted to ask everyone if they have the same problem that my ED is currently facing. The last three weeks we have been holding patients in our department because the hospital... Read More

  1. by   flaerman
    If you,ve only had ER holds for a few weeks then you've been lucky. We've dealt with it from July though now with a brief respite for a day or so here and there. We have learned and taught our staff to do admissions in the computer, pull med sheets etc. For some of our staff it's been hard, especially for those who never have worked the floors, I have been an RN since Jan 1986, worked med/surg, oncology, PCU, ICU and have been in the ER since Dec 1997, have now beeen a nurse in 3 states as well. Not to mention holds tie up ER beds and make delivery of care real interesting sometimes. We have a 2nd triage room that on bad nights we set a pelvic stretcher in there and run pelvic/VB pt's from hallway beds, shuffle them in and out for pelvic exams etc. One night last week when I was in charge we had 36 pt's in a 19 ER with 21 holds. We are now working on getting a clinical decision unit to hold some of the 23 hour observation pts, we also use a cardiac marker system running initial Q 1 hours X 3 to try to R?O MI's. They are working and building a new 40 bed(10 fast track) ER but that is probably 2 yrs away. I live in the fastest growing counties in the US and during the winter see a lot of northern Snowbird pt's here to escape their cold winters. I feel bad for the hold pt's as I'd not want to be one, especially when we have to put them in the hallways for more critical pt's to be in the rooms. One thing I think we need too is a defininte criteria for PCU admission status, we have docs that tie up those beds because they think pt's get better care. Our hospital is working towards putting tele units on med/surg which may help. It would also help if when we get beds these floor nurses take report and the pt's instead of stalling and dancing around with us.
  2. by   shootemrn
    The holding situation got so bad in our hospital with consistently holding 20+ patients in our 25 bed ED that the DON did something drastic. He cancelled all elective surgeries and freed up about 15 beds a day. The surgeons were so upset about this that they went to the newspapers and threatend to leave the hospital. They didnt and the holding situation got better overnight. Now we only hold 5-10 on a average night.
  3. by   Flo1216
    How come none of these patients are diverted to other hospitals? Doesn't seem very safe to me.
  4. by   Jen911
    The problem with diverting all those patients to other hospitals is, all THOSE hospitals are in the same boat, too!
  5. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
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    Well currently we just had 2 new floors open up and we are not holding any down in the ED for long anyway