disrobing psych pt?

  1. Our manager wants us to put all mental health pts in gowns immediatly. We have a whole range of pysch pts, some voluntary and some involuntary....what happens in other places?
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  3. by   Altra
    This is policy where I am too. Clothing & belongings are locked up by security staff.
  4. by   nuangel1
    same in my er .if pt is there for psych eval undressed ,hospital gown clothing and belongings labeled and removed from room locked up.its hospital policy.
  5. by   RunnerRN
    If pt is suicidal or homicidal, everything off (I let them keep their underwear) and belongings taken from room. The one time I didn't do this (the kid's mom was in the room....stupidly assumed she would do something if he tried to leave) the kid tried to elope. If a pt is psych and being combative/threatening, I also make them disrobe. The general anxiety, panic, depression without SI pts I usually allow to stay clothed. I just feel like it will sometimes cause more trouble than it will solve. I do often have those patients empty their pockets though.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Yep our policy also - naked and in a gown. We even look under breasts and in shoes/socks. Had a knife brought in by a suicidal pt.
  7. by   new er nurse
    Voluntary or involuntary go to the psych suite, disrobe, gowned, belongings to locker with security and patient is wanded (for metal and weapons).
  8. by   canoehead
    I absolutely agree that it's better for security for everyone to disrobe. That said, if a patient is voluntary and declines that part of the care, we can't physically force them to undress.

    I also think that someone without homicidal or suicidal ideation, and in touch with reality may not need undressing. If they aren't a danger to anyone where is the security risk.
  9. by   chip193
    FT Place:
    It is considered a faux pax to get the psych patients undressed and into a gown. It is actually considered by the psych department as a violation of the patient's rights.

    Yes, it's nuts.

    PT Place #1:
    Clothing off, into a gown and paper pants. All belongings are secured.

    PT Place #2:
    Clothing off, into a gown, making sure that even undies are off (kinda like sending a patient to the OR). All belongings secured.

    Hope this helps.

  10. by   MALE*RN*777
    We use to use scrubs for those on precautions (nursing staff wear street clothing in our facility) then we were told by JACHO (I will probably start a thread on what I think about them:angryfire ) that this would single out those on precautions and was not right . Only if a pt. in a seclusion room would attempt to hang themselves with their clothing could we use a paper gown.
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