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  1. by   ERHack
    Hmmm, there have been nights when there is only one or two female RNs on our crew. We have a nice mix of characters, as every ED Im sure has. To tell you the truth, I cant say that there is a difference I can notice with females vs males (besides the obvious). Every one as an individual has a different personality, some strong, some more laid back. Its impossible to attribute that difference to sex. (maybe lack of hehe) Hmmm, is this answer beginning to appear a bit TOO Politically correct? oh well....

    As for the more compassionate argument...well, I'll tell ya. I have seen plenty of women who seem quite cold with their patients. I have been thanked many a time by my own patients for my caring and attentive manner of practice, especially after taking over from a female nurse. Oddly enough, I find that some female nurses are actually harder on their female patients for being wimpy or too sensitive to pain or discomfort ("your pain is STILL a TEN!?!?) Anyhow, my position is this. We are supposedly trained to be non-judgemental and empathetic to our patients. I say we should give eachother as coworkers at least that much. After all, when the crap hits the fan, who's got your back?
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  2. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    I work with both male/female in ER and we have some great nurses and lazy ones, slobby ones, *****y ones too...I think this could be safe to say for any profession or gender.

    I prefer to work amongst the great ones.