Advice pleez

  1. I recently graduated (8/02) and started working in a tele unit; well...I really, really wan to transfer to the ER. I can apply for transfer in February and I've signed up for ACLS & TNCC in January in an effort to increase my chances of getting hired in the ER.
    Here's the problem...where I work when someone applies for a transfer they send a copy to your nurse manager and he/she
    has to release you in order for you to be able to transfer. I've heard from several co-workers that she won't do it. I know several people that have tried to transfer to other departments
    and the NM would not release them even though they were well qualified and there were openings .
    I really like the hospital and do not want to work anywhere else,
    but I do not want to work on that floor anymore.
    Any suggestions?
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  3. by   kaycee
    What is her reason for not allowing the transfers? I think the only way they can't release you is if there is a staffing crisis. If this isn't the case talk to her first and ask why she won't put the transfer through. If you don't get anywhere, go over her head to the next in line. let them know if you don't get the transfer you will go to an ER in another facility. If they want nurses badly enough they will do what you want. If they don't, then maybe you should try another facility. Good luck to you!
  4. by   2banurse
    Well, first don't jump to conclusions yet...though it may be true to some others, it may not happen to you. If it does, then speak with her. After only six months, it might be too soon to transfer JMHO, and maybe even if you would prefer not to work on that floor, it might be in your favor to just stick with it for another six months. Talk with your manager about your goal in a nonthreatening way...i.e., this is something that you always wanted to do and hope that the "good" experience you have gained in the telemetry unit will be implemented. I'm not sure how long a training period that you needed for this unit and she may not want to have to train someone again for your position.

    The most important thing is that you want to stay with this hospital, so I would tread carefully in how you do this. Since ERs are one of those departments that constantly need good nurses, there will be other opportunities. Good luck!
  5. by   renerian
    My manager went to the Dr. I was to interview with about a transfer, told him she could not find anyone to work as much overtime as me, he told me straight out he would not hire me as my manager could not find a worker to work as much as I did. Made me mad. I stopped working overtime.

  6. by   TexasRN31
    If your manager won't let you go and since you like the hospital you are at, quit then reapply (to same hospital) to the ER. Who knows, maybe you'll even get a sign on bonus (yeah right!). Did you sign a contract for the floor you are working on now? At the hospital I'm at you have to have worked on the floor you were hired on for at least 6 months before you can transfer unless you signed a contract for so many months. I worked on a tele floor for a year after grad (no contract) and recently transfered to the ER where I had to sign a 18 month contract. If you want to transfer to the ER find some way to do it, I have not regretted transferring........nursing is a difficult job, you should at least do it where you like it!
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  8. by   ernurse728
    I am sure that your are unable to quit your job and then reapply for a different postion. Atleast at our hospital that is a big no-no and there is a specific rule for that. But if you nurse manager refuses to release you...go to the director of nursing. At our hospital there is a rule that says they can keep you for 30 days, then they must release you. My friend had that problem with her nurse manager. She went and found the policy that stated she could not be made to work there after 30 days as long as she was appropriately hired by a different dept.
  9. by   RNFROG3
    same protocol as ernurse728 at our hospital. I gave the floor an addl 15 days before my trf date to help them train my replacement since I worked night shift. But I think just being open and expressing that it isn't that you dislike the floor as much as you want to advance your career. I even worked prn on the floor when they had staffing crunches to help with the transition. Good luck -- Another ER nurse yeaa!!
  10. by   flaerman
    Look at the employee handbook for your facility, I know that where I work you have to be on a unit 6 months before you can request a transfer. Make an appointment to speak with the ER manager and/or director and voice your desire to transfer, not mention your intent to get TNCC etc and mention your concern about your own manager. Talk to human resources, try talking to your manger and if you get no satisfaction then request a meeting with your DON. Most places would prefer a transfer over a resignation antyime. I have just transferred from 7P-7A to 7A-7P shift and my manager and dirctor were happy to see me stay in ER. We desperately need new blood in our ER's and with proper mentoring/precepting you should do well and grow into a great asset to your ER. GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAUL
  11. by   berry
    If your nm manager will not sign your release tell them straight up you are going to work in the er they can be looking for one tele rn and one er rn or just for a tele rn. In the current climate you have so many job choices at your fingertips. I graduated in jul 02 and had worked as a tech in er and did my sr practicum in the er when i started looking for a job i was told be one hospital they need not hire new grads into er i said thanks for your time and i i handed the blank application back to them. I refused to take a job anywhere else. I was offered jobs in 3 ers. since gradution i know of 5-6 classmates who took the first job that popped up hated it and changed jobs or departments. One friend was in the same boat as you she was told policy was to wait 6 months. She told them look i hate PACU and i am out in two weeks the transferred her to a new department within a week. Hospitals are shortstaffed in nearly every department and you can use that to your advantage.
  12. by   Kim Steinmann
    I went into the ER from my job in Cardiac Rehab (snooze) and made the adjustments. It was tough and I really had a lot to learn, but am THRILLED I made the switch. Yes, I agree talk to your supervisor and she may help you. I would try this first.