2 nights of triage hell

  1. Phew - am relaxing for a few minutes before my 3rd 12 in a row - in triage. My city decided to take a bit of a dump on us the last two nights, never seen it so insane. So this is just a vent, to prepare my poor self for tonite.

    For two nights now, we've had every bed full in the back and a WR full of pts when we came on. Friday night even had a guy in triage with his finger on the counter in a cup! Ahh that bodes well for your shift, doesn't it?

    Last night had a guy come in for a "risen" on his thigh. Oozy, icky, nothing dire. VS great. On listing his meds, I see coumadin 6.5mg a DAY. Ok, check off CBC, CMP, PT/PTT on the labs. Busy insane doc (alone on duty!) has a fit, why'd I order a PT/PTT... well duh. Revitalize the guy (and the other 20 in the WR), all's ok. Then the labs come back. Creat 15.6, PT/PTT over the moon, H&H and PLT in the toilet (mind you the guy gave no hx for ANY of this, he's like 35yo, and zippo sx). Now, the doc has a fit that this guy wasn't brought back right away (before labs came back). Erm... when does the psychic part kick in please?? Off to ICU for him.

    Bright spot...got to deliver my first baby in a hallway. Pinked up, screamed her little precip head off and off we finished driving her to OB. <sniffle> I love my job.

    One more night....

    (thanks for letting me go on and on)
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Wow - that is quite a bit of action! SOunds cool - I still miss the ER.
  4. by   Sylv
    So what was the guy on the coumadin for and what was going on with him?

    Good luck for a better night.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Unsure why he was on Coumadin, but he was in acute renal failure.
  6. by   LeahJet
    Bless your heart...3 nights in a row...in triage? You've served your time for at least a couple of months.
  7. by   andhow5
    Delivered in a HALLWAY? UGH!!! I'd be screaming MY head off! LOL!

    Keep up the good fight (and we won't tell the doc you truly are psychic - that you just wanted to hear him scream about ICU guy)!
  8. by   EmerNurse
    Ok update now that I'm awake lol - never did find out about the coumadin guy but last night was better - guess the Fate's figured they owed us a lil, eh?

    Was trying to figure something out though... maybe you gals out there can shed some light on this...

    When I was growing up and a teen (ok I'm not young anymore), we pretty much knew about yeast infections and OTC monistat (and when it was only prescription), we knew about UTIs, and vagisil and other basic stuff. Maybe not clinically but we knew where to find the OTC remedies for most of the generic stuff we got. Don't remember HOW we knew, we just sorta did. How come the younguns these days have no clue? Did the mama's and grandma's stop teaching the younger girls? :blushkiss What's up?

    Can't tell you how much of this I see (and it's always an emergency at 3am, no less.

  9. by   andhow5
    It's the McDonald's drive-through, next-gen video game, instant gratification mentality. I think it's only going to get worse...
  10. by   ednurse17
    Bless your heart x 2!! 3 nights in a row in triage?? 2 is the absolute max for me. These docs need to realize we DO have a clue and get a grip. Fortunately the docs in our ER are pretty good about listening to us in triage. They complain, but aren't too big to come out and say good call. I am fortunate to work in a pretty great ER.
  11. by   Pompom
    Ya gotta love ER! Have fun.
  12. by   guzzebear
    Coumadin....A fib????
  13. by   Mak4551
    Well, working in an IHS facility I know exactly what you mean. We not only see the girl we usually end up seeing the whole family... the oh by the way syndrome. Part of the problem at this facility is the fact that people don't have to pay for these medications if they come to the hospital to get them whereas if they just treated it themselves by using OTC meds they have to pay. It's frustrating but it gives me a job, which I really do enjoy. Gotta Love those 3am emergencies right?
  14. by   moodychick
    Is this craziness going on all over the country? 24/7 in our ER we have no beds available with 15 to 20 waiting in the WR for tx. sometimes 6 hours! And the administrators don't want to re-route "because we need that extra money that a squad could bring in". No kidding, that's what we were told in a town hall meeting!!! The triage nurse gets the brunt,of course. Families and patients (usually the ones who could have seen their GP) or the ones who had a Dr.'s appointment "but I couldn't wait any longer" (the appointment was 30-60 minutes from ER arrival and they've been waiting long enough to have had 4 appointments) get down right surely at the desk!
    We have protocols to start if you have time; but, you are usually so deep in getting them all triaged that drawing blood and ordering x-rays gets put on the back burner!:uhoh21: