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Phew - am relaxing for a few minutes before my 3rd 12 in a row - in triage. My city decided to take a bit of a dump on us the last two nights, never seen it so insane. So this is just a vent, to... Read More

  1. by   Victoriakem
    I walked into work Monday morning with 20 boarder patients being held in the ED since the night before. We have 36 beds total in the whole department & as per usual, the Monday crowd coming to Triage started early. At least I wasn't in Triage that day, thankfully but did my best to clear out the regular patients. I understand it's the same all over with the overcrowding, patients in hallways being treated & having the keep the admitted patients in the ED because there are no beds on the units. And it's not even winter yet.:trout:
  2. by   santhony44
    Quote from EmerNurse

    When I was growing up and a teen (ok I'm not young anymore), we pretty much knew about yeast infections and OTC monistat (and when it was only prescription), we knew about UTIs, and vagisil and other basic stuff. Maybe not clinically but we knew where to find the OTC remedies for most of the generic stuff we got. Don't remember HOW we knew, we just sorta did. How come the younguns these days have no clue? Did the mama's and grandma's stop teaching the younger girls? :blushkiss What's up?

    Can't tell you how much of this I see (and it's always an emergency at 3am, no less.

    They were raised by moms who took them to the ER for every 101 temp, cough, sniffle, runny nose, episode of vomiting, or runny BM.
  3. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    What a night?

    There is no way I would let them schedule me to triage for 3 shifts in a row??? That is deadly. I find 12 hr. at triage too much.

    We usually will work one shift triage, one trauma, one obs/ex. You get the variety and your not continually in a stressed area.

    How are you assigned?


  4. by   hogan4736
    Quote from santhony44
    They were raised by moms who took them to the ER for every 101 temp, cough, sniffle, runny nose, episode of vomiting, or runny BM.
    I used to think this was the case...not sure now...

    i went to the ER only ONE time growing up...Now my sister runs her kids every time they have a fever or cough at 0200...she certainly didn't learn it at home...

    who knows...sometimes i think these people...nah, nevermind
  5. by   barbara1
    Congrats on the delivery! Boy or Girl? 10 year ED vet here & I feel your pain!!!
  6. by   barbara1
    Quote from andhow5
    It's the McDonald's drive-through, next-gen video game, instant gratification mentality. I think it's only going to get worse...
    I agree! And each generation is less accountable and less respectful - they know their "customer" satisfaction survey is on it's way & the customer is always right!