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This is how they present in triage. You note that they appear anxious, possibly in a bit of pain, sometimes they are very matter of fact. We've all seen em. Retained foreign object in various... Read More

  1. by   Havin' A Party!
    Could that doggie have been on Viagra perchance?
  2. by   SWFlorida
    I had a pt who had an overwhelming desire to eat phone books. Not all in one piece but page by page until it was all in. He was always coming in with bowel obstructions.
  3. by   Nemhain
    Quote from LarryG
    Could that doggie have been on Viagra perchance?
    I don't care what the doggie was on...WHAT was that woman on? :chuckle
    I don't think I'd ever be taken alive to a hospital if I were ever stuck on a dog. I guess I don't have to worry since I will never put myself in that position (pun intended).
  4. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from Nemhain
    ... I will never put myself in that position (pun intended).
    Sounds kinda prudish.
  5. by   StephanieMc
    Quote from redshiloh
    Discharge Instrucions: Refrain From Placing Cucumbers And Beerbottles In Any Oriface Above Waist

    Probably should read 'below the waist'

    Just my opinion.....
    Ditto shiloh!!
  6. by   MickyB-RN
    Quote from pghfoxfan
    We had a boy that put a birthday candle in his penis to see how far he could pee it out. The birthday boy spent the day in the OR :hatparty:


  7. by   MickyB-RN
    Quote from V. Nightingale
    We had a guy come in with a vibrator of some kind up his rectum, beyond the, uh, point of manual retrieval. When we called the GI doctor, he asked,"So does he want me to take it out or change the batteries?"

  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    What's funny is that i think the majority of us can think of a doctor who would say "so does he want it out or the batteries changed?"
  9. by   MickyB-RN
    Quote from babynurselsa
    Had a pt one time who inserted a 6 inch jigsaw blade in his penis.


  10. by   Nemhain
    Quote from LarryG
    Sounds kinda prudish.
    Prudish? No Larry, I'm not prudish. I just think humans having sexual relations with animals is wrong.

    Hopefully you were being sarcastic.
  11. by   ang75
    There was so much swelling there that they actually had to use lidocaine and make a small incision on the dog to get the blood to drain. Is there anyone in this world who could have done that with a straight face? I totally believe that there are some situations that it is ok to laugh, vomit, gag whatever.
    Quote from Nemhain
    I'll now get a good night's sleep! Thanks ang75 for clearing things up! :chuckle Your explanation actually makes sense. I was thinking something along that line, but I wasn't feeling confident enough to guess.

    Now ang,one more question for you...how did they get her "unstuck"? Feel free to be creative with your answer!!!!!!!
  12. by   ang75
    We had another guy who came in with a glass coke bottle (open) stuck in his bum with the open end up. We all placed bets on how they were gonna get it out because of the vacuum it had created. When we were standing in the hall and heard the glass break, I coughed up my ten bucks and laughed for days. The funniest part? He drove himself to the ER. Hope he didn't hit any speed bumps!
  13. by   MrsWampthang
    We had a very obese mentally unstable women brought into the ER. This nurse told me that the lady started to move uncomfortable on the bed so the nurse pulled her over to see if she needed cleaned up; well, it wasn't BM that was "smiling" at her, but the woman's upper denture! She evidently had it stuffed almost all the way in! To this day we still give that nurse a rough time about that! :chuckle