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Hello again! I was accepted into the Fall 09 semester at northlake and was wondering if anyone knew whether or not we needed to pay for tuition and books at orientation on June 18th? I remember reading someone's post a while back about having to come up with the money for books at the time of orientation but couldn't find it again. If anyone knows, I'd really appreciate the heads up so I can save some money by then!

Thanks in advance

Majors is doing the uniforms now?

I do know that they are selling them. They have the upper part of the scrubs that have the embroidery from El Centro nursing program. They are light blue and for women have two different models with buttons on the front. I did not see the lab coat, but they told me that they will take it for the orientation so we can tried on and buy it. :smokin:

I am going into 3rd semester. So are some of the answers I do know. You won't have to pay for anything besides scrubs on the day of orientation. I recommend the button up scrub shirt. The pants are horrible so buy a pair of black paints somewhere else.

I did buy the book box..and personally I did not open many of the books. But I did use them on my computer, which was really nice for searching. Plus I could just take my laptop to class instead of all the books.

Be prepared to buy extra books..like a drug book-current, Lab Book and study guides.


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