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Thoughts? Still orienting on days, when it's just a nurse monitoring (bc our intensivists are in the building) but at night there will always be a doctor at the push of a button. Sounds awesome. Any drawbacks? Besides a creepy camera turning to look at you sometimes?

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E icu is a Godsend. I love having them review my charting and helping avert a crisis. Th keep people honest. They call before turning the camera around. Make sure your drips and pumps face forward because they verify those things and vent settings cardiac rhythm etc. On their end.

They are great. Need q5 min vitals? Done, while you carry out all your other tasks. Need a second verification on a med, and you're in an isolation room? Done. Code? The eICU doc can start running the code before your doc can get into the room. Ours are all very experienced bedside ICU nurses.

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Eicu programs require the nurses to have ten years of ICU experience. They are a great resource and advocate to have in your corner.

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I have never heard of this before. I did a little searching around and the whole concept of an eICU seems so strange to me. I can see how it would be beneficial at smaller hospitals where there aren't residents around every corner or no code/swat team. Still seems very odd. I'd be interested to hear more from those with experience!

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Even Level one facilities have E icu. For times when the resident is in over his head, the E icu staff will ensure that your patient receives appropriate care by entering orders. All you have to do is ask.

It is another level of safety checks. The intensivist reviews every chart and plan of care. They have called me many times to, for example, change the antibiotics according to the C&S. These people are experts in critical care.

If your pt is seizing you hit the Eicu button. Dr comes on the monitor, cameras in and says give this and this. It is super efficient. No waiting for an MD to hear his pager and call back. If your pt is oliguric, you can quickly get an order to bolus. You can cardiovert under the direct supervision of the Intensivist at E icu. You can extubate post ops under their direct supervision as well. If your working at a small facility and you need to get the pt to a higher level of care for ARDS, nec fasciitis, hepatorenal failure, cardiogenic shock...they handle everything and send their team.

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EICU is awesome, well at least the one that I work with happens to be. It was a little strange to get used to the camera thing when you are in the patient's room. I love being able to hit the EICU button and have someone right there immediately.