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  1. delphine22

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    They had a plan. Believe me a healthcare facility in Florida has a hurricane plan. She just didn't sign up for the team that fit her family's needs and now has buyer's remorse now that she realized she never took her child's needs into account when p...
  2. delphine22

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    I'm sorry, no one who hasn't worked in a hurricane prone area should be weighing in. These cries of "the hospital must evacuate!!" just don't make sense when there may be nowhere for the patients to go, if the whole state is under threat. For those ...
  3. delphine22

    Writing doctors orders without an actual doctors order

    I say this all the time. If they don't like it, don't go to medical school and don't be on call. I'm not the doctor. I worked in an ICU at night where if the pt came up vented from the ED we'd write our own sedation orders before the pulmonologist ...
  4. delphine22

    CCRN exam and Laura Gasparis lecture

    I'm originally from the NYC area and I still find her accent super annoying. The videos I've seen of her contain so many side conversations -- like about her family, and how to start a business -- that I find them distracting. But they are indeed mem...
  5. I can tell you that the majority of our CDI queries at this time (I do not do this job but just sat and talked with them yesterday) are related to sepsis, because it's difficult for the physicians to master and a high-value code that often gets misse...
  6. delphine22

    Spread Sheets, not bed sheets!

    I can't really recommend a particular book because the spreadsheets are 100% what you make them. The point of the spreadsheet is to take all those different random points of "data" so you can turn that data into "information," something your colleagu...
  7. I would not get that certification. After you have been working in quality for a while I highly recommend the CPHQ certification (that does go behind your name) as that's a very respected certification in quality, also available from NAHQ. I went fr...
  8. delphine22

    MSN vs MBA

    I think it depends on the leadership track you are interested in. If it is mostly nursing (unit director, with the eventual goal being a CNO) I would get an MSN in leadership. I am looking for leadership positions away from the bedside, for example i...
  9. delphine22

    I need a name for my position, please help

    A hospital near me has a position called Manager of Patient Experience. This person mostly dealt with the Press-Ganey numbers and training the staff on how to raise them but it sounds like something that could also be applied to your job.
  10. delphine22

    new to management, and HCA possibility?

    I work for HCA now and I can tell you the culture is definitely, promote from within. They have a lot of leadership development programs available. Make sure to ask about them in your interview.
  11. delphine22

    Vent management and sedation/pain management

    No, but I had a family member who was awake while intubated and self-extubated. His vivid description of the experience has stayed with me and I think of it every time I see a pair of frightened eyes look up at me as they try to speak, to tell me th...
  12. delphine22

    Are 24-Hour Open Visitation Policies a Bad Idea? (Yes)

    Our unit keeps waffling because there's a push to involve the pt's significant other/decision maker in bedside report, especially if the pt is sedated or confused. Then there's a rule that everyone BUT one support person clears out between 6:30 and ...
  13. delphine22

    Does your ICU use CHG wipes for bathing patients?

    Please note, according to Bard the CHG wipes or any CHG cleanser are NOT to be used on Foley catheter tubing as it can cause corrosion or remove the silver antimicrobial coating. They recommend castile soap wipes or their own proprietary peri care w...
  14. delphine22

    Will paramedic be useful for ICU job?

    Nurses who want to do flight nursing need their paramedic license (at least in Florida). But it's preferred they have ICU experience first. The only paramedics I've dealt with in the hospital were moonlighting as monitor techs. And each one has bee...
  15. delphine22

    RN Anesthesia job, where else have you seen it?

    Sounds like a job in special procedures or interventional radiology. Those nurses basically act as part OR circulator, part cath lab nurse. Their duties are pretty similar to what you described -- pt comfort and safety, prep and recovery, lines, as...